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  1. It is a differnt style of liquid nail, Also I use a place out off 270 ACP to fix equipment. Great guys there I have had to redo a couple of things, My alternator is in process of going out only putting out 33 amps max and maxing out at 12.9 volts max charge... UGGG. And well money has been tight thats why no new updates. Once get next chance to do things will update more photos
  2. So for those of you that may not of seen the other post, this is whats going in there 2 sa 12's in a box tuned to 28-29hz before car peak 1 jbl baby crown amp the 1200 one 1 autotek 4 channel for mids and highs 2 mb quart 6.5 component sets 1 for back and 1 for front for mids and highs 1 pioneer avh-5700 50 feet of 1/0 for power extra battery Here is me getting started
  3. Well here we go, Not sure if anyone on here will know me as of yet, but here I am and joining up with the SA people quick run down it's going to be for street beat and maybe some bass race, and just for my FUN, my days of big competeting is over I announced retirment after doing ex1 at dbdrag finals 1 year, became to much work LOL 97 Dodge Grand Caravan, for the kids, and to take my blind mom spots and my grandma places also. So it works great to fullfill those needs. Now it needs to full fill mine going to be putting a indash flip up in the front, I think from power acoustic Going to have 2 6.5 mbquart component sets for mids and highs 2 SA series 12's d2 for subs extra battery, some 12 awg, 4 awg, and ok amount of 0 awg wire have a Autotek AT950 to run the mids and highs with and have a JBL baby crown, the 1201.1 GTO amp for Subs All big stuff and what not goes behind 3rd seat of van, son plays allot of baseball so have to carry that equipment and I also bowl so have to have room for that and everyone also. The box I am building is going to be 46.5 wide, 16 high, 15 depth out of mdf and some birch also. Ported with slot port 4.25 inner, and 10" long then L'd off another 37 long. Which brings the tunning on paper to 29.49 Going to be fun, and when I have everything I am waiting on to show up, I will even do photos to show the build and what not. going to have some sound deadner also in there. The build I am going to try make look good almost like SQ days with some hidden panels for amps, and all fun stuff. Look forward to dealing with everyone and also helping to get Sundown bigger in Missouri/StL area
  4. Yes very very clean and efficient also I know I have been slow with getting more pics up and what not, just had allot do to at home.. will get more up soon
  5. Ok well I talked to the shop that fixed the radio to begin with, as it was the high voltage supply the first time, he said the grounds are messed up inside radio, Let him know I did a little research online and a few people talked about some diods could be bad, have to take it back out and take it to him tommorow, to see about getting it fixed again.. luckily it was under warranty with him...
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    Fantasy Football

    come join up the password is football http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/726179
  7. extra battery for now is underneath the 3rd row seat... how ever with a change in box that might get moved now looks like subs up port up
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    Free Enclosure Designs

  9. and here are subs in the box and a picture if you can tell of them playing now I am testing box firing options, have turned box where subs and port are up, and pushed as far back as possible then I will push it up closer and test it for a bit up against the seat then subs and port forward test then I will go from there about double face, the extra bracing, and ect...
  10. ok here is a few more, showing the amp and everything else going it here is mids and high amp that was in and then pulled out thinking it was bad, pissed about radio acting up still here are the subs ooo btw here is the wire, look how flexible it was
  11. Here are some more pics I am going to test enclosure before finishing it, it's still going to get 2-3 steel threaded rods thru it, along with double faced, and then being painted or what not..
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    Free Enclosure Designs

    WOW, copied and posted same pic also can tell from the garage door in back
  13. well ok maybe cause I was drinking last night or something, its not the mids and high amp, its the pucking radio making all the noise. you can even hit the dash and it goes nutz.. but I did get it playing, will have pics up soon now have to see about radio getting fixed UGGGG
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    Someone needs to do this to a voicecoil

    one of the early versions of orion xtr was cooled a certain way, to early in morning to think, this is when orion was orion also back in the day
  15. well ran into snag last night, mids and high amp decided to be noisy that a mofo tried changing up grounds and everything rca's ect.. hooked up a buddies amp real quick and no noise, I mean severe engine noise, and just noise period. UGGGG.. so undid his amp, just for now, going to just hook up the mids to the radio to have sound.. get box finished up and ect ect...
  16. Thanks Its taking me longer then normal due to fact of being older from when I was a younger pup and competeting for usaci/dbdrag ect. and fact of still trying to do daily life stuff with van instead of letting it sit while work on it....
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    Free Enclosure Designs

    I'd like to see what you consider a SPL box, each person is differnt and show a little of insides also of course
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    wrecks wrecks wrecks

    wish best for you, anyone out there that gets called that much must do the job well and is respected. Take some good time off and rest, try to keep the mind clear
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    Your Favorite show off Songs!

    Ok time for mine Most of Dave Mathews Stuff for sure Allot of Eagles Songs Evanescence--> Bring me to Life, Fallen Guns N Roses--> November Rain Metallica--One I will continue to try to remember, or when get home and open up cd case, along with computer with all my songs on it
  20. the Start of the box will work on more if it tonight, this is where I am at though.. plan on doing more pics, and what not
  21. ya for the mids up there I was thinking of something to, maybe even fiberglassing a mold for them, but then again who knows, might shoot some expanded foam up there and call it a day LOLZ Ok and here comes some pics of the box getting started
  22. going to try to have this fully playing this weekend will keep up with photos also.... Who wants more pics And good to hear there is more of us out there Alton, LOL
  23. Most definatly have room, how ever need room for other stuff to This is my daily driver, I drive my mom around allot she is blind, including taking her dog to vet.. I have 2 kids and my son plays baseball, and I am coach so need room for equipment So all 3 seats are staying in as you will see when I am done