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  1. Kettle

    My SemiUnl 1500w passat

    No, but it hits 152db to termlab too.
  2. 6 x DD 9912 + Stetsom 1K5H 1 Ohm @ 0.5 Ohm = 152db @ 41Hz
  3. Kettle

    4 x DD1508 + 1K5H 1ohm

    Well here is better video quality, but i don't have microphone yet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxBpnwRdd2k
  4. Kettle

    4 x DD1508 + 1K5H 1ohm

    Thx, I will upload more videos, with better quality, after i get microphone to HD camera.
  5. Kettle

    4 x DD1508 + 1K5H 1ohm

    Kill DD:s with 1K5H naah. I was like when i saw broken windshield. We were testing tones when it happend. Pretty wierd, so low power and spl. I think it happend because rear mirrow is so heavy. Well when we change windshield we don't put it back!! And we made that test with 2K5H 1ohms @ 2ohms. Hello to everyone, nice to be here. I'm a Stetsom dealer in Finland. That car is my friends and we are building it together.
  6. VW Passat variant 1.9 TDI -96 (no soundproofing, yet.) stock alternator 120A. -Kenwood - KDC-BT6544UY -Stetsom 1K5H wired 0.5ohms -Optima yellow top 75Ah -Stock battery 90Ah -Voltmeter stetsom VT-1 -Box 3.8 cf -6" aero port -Tune 36Hz Sealed dash, (when tune was 38Hz) 139,5db@35Hz 142,6db@38Hz 144,8db@47Hz 146,0db@50Hz 146,7db@53Hz