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  1. +1I will eventually. I just don't have an exact time frame. But I can only afford one thing at a time, so I figured I could possibly get a 2kw amp first because I may still be able to power it stock or with just an upgraded front XS battery, I can always turn the amp down though. Next would be an alt, and then I could add in a second xcon.. I eventually want 2 12" zcons. I'm just trying to get electrical before the extra subs because it's too hard to have subs that I can't use sitting in my trunk.
  2. I had a civic, ~~~ I just now got a Mazda Triute. And yes, I just emailed them to see what they can do! Now if only my alt wasn't in the worst location ever. Seriously, they place these underneath and you have to remove tons of crap to get it out... I don't want to pay a shop to put it in haha.
  3. I had a DC Power HO alt in my civic hatch but I just got the Mazda Tribute and I can't find an HO alt for the 2001-2004 body style.. only the newer ones. Does anyone make custom alts, like mechman or someone? Their site doesnt have one for my model. And yes I agree, without a HO alt, there is no point in going all out. I may just have to call XS and see what the biggest battery is that I can shove under my hood to power a 2kw amp. I eventually will grab a second xcon, but I want to upgrade electrical first (even though it seems I really can't..), then amp second because I can use 2kw on my single xcon until I save up enough for a second one.
  4. I have a kinetik 1400 batt in my old car ( just got the suv last week, so upgrading/moving some stuff over. The xcon is new, but some stuff I already have from my last install. I just know that on a stock alt, sometimes it is bad to add extra batteries because then my little stock alt has to charge more things at once...which tends to kill stock alts. If XS or someone made a battery that fit my up front location( XS doesn't have a direct fit..) do you think that upgrade alone ( and I would do big 3 ) would be enough for a 2kw amp. I have no light dimming now with the 1000w @2ohm full tilt. And I'm not sure if a single kinetik 1400 up front is even that much better than my stock battery. My problem is, no one makes a high output alt for this year tribute/escape. Only the newer ones..
  5. Really? I had always planned on eventually getting a larger amp for it.. Don't most people use about 2000w~~ on an xcon? If I was planning on running 1000w forever I would have spent less and got an icon. The xcon is begging for more power
  6. I just installed a 10" xcon that can either be wired at .5 or 2 ohms. It is currently running on a jl audio jx 1000.1 so 1000w at 2 ohms but I really want to get a 2000w 2ohm amp. Having trouble finding a reliable amp that puts that power out at 2 ohms without breaking the bank!! Not sure if my electrical could handle .5 or id give that a shot.. I drive a mazda tribute stock 110 amp alt and stock battery... Don't really think I can do over 1000 @ 0.5ohm
  7. Jd377

    hello from missouri

    Welcome! Im also from Kansas City, MO
  8. Jd377

    Polo Shirts

    I'm in for an SSA Polo. I love Golf type polos that look nice. I can wear them to work or other events.
  9. Jd377

    My friends 4 Mile Wheelie.. CBR 600

    I wouldn't either, Especially in a tank top? What the.. is he crazy haha. One mistake and there goes all your skin.. Sweet!
  10. Jd377

    My friends 4 Mile Wheelie.. CBR 600

    We are actually known for some of the worst roads in the US Luckily they have been repaving this highway shown this month haha! But yes, during the day there is no traffic compared to Larger cities. I live about 20 miles outside KC
  11. Just wanted to throw this up because I thought it was pretty legit. This guy is amazing.. We were just having some fun around Kansas City. http://youtu.be/-sbPxL_Jyfc
  12. Jd377

    8 XCON 10's D2 for sale

    I live in in KC area, what area are you located if i wanted to pick up 1-2?..
  13. Jd377

    For sale 2 zcon 12's D2's

    How much for 1 shipped to 64014?
  14. I loved how he explained OBO ( OR Best Offer )..... But he typed LIL and WIT... Haha he should have explained the whole post..? Btw, I love the hangover quote haha
  15. Sorry, I was just looking through craigslist and saw this posting in my local area and I just started laughing because the whole time I was like... Is this guy for real? I felt like sharing to see if it was really as funny as I thought and if some people are nuts or if I am just tired. http://kansascity.craigslist.org/cto/2831960523.html