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  1. pabernackle6

    Need Battery help

    The current Batt. is under the passenger seat. May just let the shop im taking it to deal with it. Thanks for the help tho
  2. pabernackle6

    Need Battery help

    ok cool i will check out sears. What i was trying to get at is what XS power batts to use. was not sure about the amps/volts if they had to match anything.
  3. pabernackle6

    Need Battery help

    Not sure which Batts to do for my setup. planned on replacing the stock Batt. and then adding a second one in the rear. - Amps, Crescendo symphony 1500 & symphony 800.1 - Sub, 1 18" xcon - RF 360.3 - 2014 Jeep Grand cherokee
  4. pabernackle6

    Installation help

    I need all electrical ran. I need RF 360.3 installed and tuned, miss installed as well as all the deadener that is needed. Sorry so vague, having a hard time trying to find somebody i can trust that knows what there doing. Install is being done in a 2014 jeep grand cherokee.
  5. pabernackle6

    Installation help

    Anybody know anyone who can do a good install around the Houston TX. area ??
  6. pabernackle6

    system build help

    being that there is so many xs power Batts. how do you know which one is the right one for under the hood? I also did get a price quote on the alt if i neededto add the internals , seeing as how they do not make one for my car. Also let me ask this the Batt for my car is under the front seat. There are Neg. and Pos. terminal under the hood where is the best place to run the power wire to? Is runnign to runs of 0GA. good for a 2200 Watt setup? someone mentioned to me that having a dedicated grounfd all the way from the front is the best.
  7. pabernackle6

    system build help

    first thing this system is going in a 2014 Jeep rand cherokee. I already have some pieces and Iam looking for some addition recommendations. I already have the box which was ordered from high output enclosures tuned to 33hz birch box, with kerf port just received my sub 18” XCON, the amp I will be using is a Crescendo symphony 1500.1. I plan on upgrading to a nice set of components which I will be using the crescendo 800.4. need some component recommendations. I plan on using the RF 360.3 for my processor I want to keep the Uconnect system in my jeep. My biggest concern at this point in time is Electrical advice... Batteries? wiring? Will I need a second Batt for the back? The alt. in the jeep is 160A. Money is no issue i just want the system to sound amazing. I plan on putting deadner through out the whole car. Any and all help is greatly appreciated will be posting piucs of the build as soon as i get all the pieces bought.