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  1. WeDgE


    Have you received *any* emails from either of my addresses?? If not, what's going on with your email??
  2. WeDgE

    BM pictures

    Sweeeeeeet, they're here... Nick, get my PM/email????
  3. WeDgE

    BM pictures

    Looks like I'll have to go with a pair or a trio of these in the Supra... Sweeeeeeeeeet.
  4. WeDgE

    new member, don't know anything!

    Nice to see ya here finally, Loyd...
  5. WeDgE

    Lots of BM's inside

  6. WeDgE

    12' Mags sound good ported?

    I think he meant "vented". At any rate, vented = ported, they're synonymous.
  7. WeDgE


    He's back! Back again...
  8. WeDgE

    BM series subwoofers...

    That's b/c xmax topics/debates are as fruitful as putting a large wing on an FF car.
  9. WeDgE

    Official SI Demo Car Build Thread!

    You can enlarge the pics if you use IE...
  10. WeDgE

    What to do? (Substage)

    Install will be done before the end of April... Plus, this is a different car than the Accord...
  11. WeDgE

    What to do? (Substage)

    1ohm = No no for the Tantrum 1200. I know how to set gains... I will get pics when it is all finished...whenever that is...
  12. WeDgE

    What to do? (Substage)

    It's what I have to work with, so I'll be using it. It's not like I can wire the impedence any higher than 4ohms anyways. It's not overkill if you know how to use it...Of course I won't *see* any gains off it, but I'm sure I'll hear it...
  13. WeDgE

    What to do? (Substage)

    Exactly what I was looking for...someone else who sees my view of practicality...thanks!
  14. WeDgE

    What to do? (Substage)

    I don't really have too many pics of the outside of it....I think I only have 1. It looks kind of silly with the marshmellow winter tires on it...I have to pick my my summer tires from Mark's house...then I'll be taking some more pics. It looks like your typical MKIII Supra right now...black exterior, grey interior, tinted windows...although, it is lowered 2" all around...
  15. WeDgE

    BM series subwoofers...

    Nope. Just 10's and 12's for the BM series.