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  1. I'll likely stay somewhere far off in a Mariott by myself unless my friend joins me. Pro-tip, first day is exhausting, second day is even worse and a hangover is likely not a good idea.
  2. Fi N3 PRICES!!!!!???????

    Still doesn't make any sense. He doesn't want to pay the price of the N3, so you should lose money so he can have one.
  3. Fi N3 PRICES!!!!!???????

    Yeah... Chris the man, you pretty much suck.
  4. Fi N3 PRICES!!!!!???????

    Threadstarter cracks me up. Cost to build a subwoofer: $100 The price the thread starter wants to pay for that subwoofer: $80 Makes no sense?
  5. Lantz on the meter again, LOW FREQUENCY BURPS

    Yeah, the sealed score is pretty good. Very good outlaw score, I definitely wasn't expecting that.
  6. His boxed is tuned to 26.5 hz. Sounds great, the lows are very audible and it moves a great amount of air. Keep in mind his last box was tuned in the upper 30s and he peaked at (I believe it was) 52 hz. Well we cut that in half, literally.
  7. E12d4 on BRZ 1700.1d

    If you even have to ask... DON'T DO IT.
  8. having problems with the zcon 12's...... i think

    The amp at that load makes no sense for one sub to be moving that much more than the other. Which one has the cracked basket?
  9. SPL Lab came in the mail, video with some numbers!

    Not as high as I wanted, but a gain is still a gain. But the bigger gain is I got my lows back!!! I'm super happy. 149.3 legal, 152.6 outlaw, outlaw wasn't at it's max though.
  10. Another steal i must share with u guys!!!

    Tell him that I'll meter it.
  11. Frogcase2002 zcon 15 metering vids.

    Still a LONGGGG way off from a 50. I'd shot for 143-45 range for now.
  12. SPL Lab came in the mail, video with some numbers!

    Meter video uploading, I'll let him post it in his thread. The zcons sound great, I will not lie. I'll be at slamology for anyone who is wondering, I usually hang out with Team Concepts but I'll chill with anyone, no problem.
  13. SPL Lab came in the mail, video with some numbers!

    I'm searching around on lowes.com and can't find any, can someone link me?
  14. SPL Lab came in the mail, video with some numbers!

    Thanks guys. Yeah, the box is some what of a joke right now, I'm hoping the steel gets me up to a 150 legal. Where can I get resin?
  15. SPL Lab came in the mail, video with some numbers!

    Did some interior testing, didn't get as much gain as I expected but a gain is a gain. 148.9 legal, 152.2 outlaw.