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    18" SSD Box Problem

    Alright cool, thanks Duran!
  2. Freshh

    18" SSD Box Problem

    Hi, I'm for sure a newbie, especially when making boxes, I just ordered my first Fi product ever, the 18" SSD, and i'm super excited. Probably to excited to be honest but I have a question about my box. I used RE's box calculator and tried to make it fit perfectly in my vehicle, I wanted the box tuned to 30 hz and I did all that. The thing that I'm worried about is if my sub is going to move to easily and I'll end up damaging my woofer D: The box size is 5.6 cubic feet and tuned to ~30.7Hz. The port is 3" wide and 22.5" tall, and its a slot port. The port area is 67.5 square inches I can give all exact dimensions if needed. Thanks in advance!
  3. Freshh

    SSD 15 totally satisfied.

    You're lucky man! I just ordered my first Fi product as well, an 18" SSD. I seriously wanna drive to Las Vegas and let it ride in the passenger seat all the way back to Missouri
  4. Freshh

    15 BL port questions

    Hi! First off, I want you to know I'm in no way a professional. But I will offer you my best advice sooooooooooooo...... 1- Are the port dimensions correct for a 32 hz tune? I keep getting different measurements depending on the port calc I use. I think carstereo.com is what I settled on. I'm almost 100% sure that the dimensions of the whole box itself can change the hz of the tune, along with the port. So with those port dimensions it could vary, for example if your box was 20" wide or 35" wide. I'm pretty certain that the Hz would change. 2- With the port area only being 46.5 sq in instead of the recommended minimum 67.2, will port noise be a major factor if I flare the ends of my ports? If I understand what you mean by flaring, you should flare the end of your ports all the time to minimize port noise. But you should also try to get up to the minimum of the factory requirement! Add a inch to the wideness of it maybe while making the port length shorter to try and stay around that 32 Hz mark that you want. 3- With the port area coming in a little low, will it affect the cooling ability of the subs? I'm pretty sure it won't affect the cooling ability of the subs, I mean if you think about it subs that are in sealed boxes have 0 port area. I hope I helped you! Good luck!
  5. Freshh

    Dustcap color options

    I just got the blue chrome! Should look hott! lol and carbon fiber woulda been sick. Oh well I wouldn't of been able to wait any longer lol
  6. Freshh

    18" SSD Box Problem

    Its in a 2 door 01' GMC Jimmy. Oh and if it matters the total port length is 27.5"
  7. Freshh

    how does my 12bl enclosure look??

    Looks good man! I'd probably put more port area in mine but it still looks good! Also, if you have the tools available I recommend rounding off the end of the port area with a router or something. Helps with the port noise Bracing is good to if you wanna be troubled for it, and doubling the baffle is good as well. I didn't realize I was gonna say all that. But hey, constructive critism for you