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  1. Wow you're the closest person I've met on SSA, I'm just a little ways down the road in Ozark!
  2. Where at in Mo are you Hawkeye?
  3. Freshh

    Looking for Everyday Subs

    There's a few people here on SSA that design box's as well as build them! Shoot them a PM. I've never been down that route though, so good luck! lol
  4. Freshh

    Looking for Everyday Subs

    If you're willing to try to make a box, I say go for it! With only 1 12" ported you should be fine with using only 1 sheet of mdf, so that with glue and screws the box would cost about $50 to $75. I haven't heard many good set-ups, but I have heard a few Fi subs, and I've loved them all. A BL will cost about $350 shipped, and is a very loud woofer. For an amp, since you're sort of on a budget, I'd say anything that puts out around 1k rms watts, will be fine, that way upgrading your electrical won't cost a fortune, and you could probably squeeze by with the big 3. Maybe a battery, but lets say the amp costs anywhere from $250 to $350. Finally, with the wiring, I'd go with 0 guage, and I think I spent about $200 dollars for all my wiring. That's only about $1,000.. So you have room to play around a little bit! Do some research, and don't be afraid to ask more questions!
  5. Freshh

    Looking for Everyday Subs

    Another thing we'll need to know is if you plan on building the box yourself or purchasing it from somebody or some place. To answer your question, yes $1,200 has the potential to be a nice system.
  6. Freshh

    Looking for Everyday Subs

    Yeah, we need to know your total budget that includes everything (sub, amp, box, wiring, etc..) and the goals of your set-up. What kind of music do you like and listen to daily?
  7. Does it look good in person? Or like a cheap and ugly paint? I need to do the outside of my box, so it's semi-important compared to the inside of your wall. Thanks for the quick reply ;D
  8. Freshh

    Audio Misconceptions question

    That's interesting you say that. His recommendation was a ported box from kenwood's Freak series. I don't care how cool the box was they wanted $550 for it. I don't know much about Kenwood, so I won't comment there. But, like others said, a good enclosure and how it is positioned in the vehicle it's in will make a large difference in what you hear. For 550 dollars I'm sure you can find much better box's, even on this forum we have people that build boxes. The cool thing about them is they will make it specifically to how you want it, so check them out if you don't have the tools to do the job yourself! and finally - to SSA!
  9. Looks killer!! What'd you paint the inside of the box with?
  10. thanks, I really like that amp it looks like a steal! But can I fit 0 gauge wire in it? If at all possible I would like to keep it under $300, I haven't ordered the sub yet but I was thinking dual 2ohm. I'm not sure if every part of the 0 guage wire would fit in it, but I know there are pieces you can buy that make that 4 guage (terminal?) a 0 guage one. It's just a little add on piece that fits in it. EDIT: Thanks to him ^^^^^ here is what I was talking about: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sound-Quest-Power-Wire-Reducer-0-4-Gauge-PAC104S-/310310108836?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item483fec7ea4
  11. Check out Db-r, good customer service, good prices, and a good product. Don't worry about buying the refurbished ones, they still come with a 1 year warranty. I think he's got a couple SAX - 1200's up there. Welcome to SSA
  12. Freshh

    Outrageous Deal | 4 - 6 pm EST | Tonight! 11-27-2011

    Agreed, got it yesterday.
  13. Sweet, those two door blazers seem to always get loud.
  14. Freshh

    Somebody just tried to break in my car

    I hate people that have to steal... Glad you caught him! I've thought about an alarm myself, so I'm interested in what everybody says.
  15. Freshh

    SP4 vs N2

    Yesss! Thank you for posting this. They both seem like great woofers.
  16. Freshh

    Hi all and Happy Black Friday!

    You'll enjoy that Q I'm sure!! Welcome to SSA!
  17. Freshh

    SP4 now up!

    Looks like a beast... Guys - be ready for this vs that threads lol. N2 and SP4
  18. Freshh

    AA Dealer

    It's cause you guys are awesome!
  19. Freshh

    Hyundai elantra HB

    Sorry to hear about your old system, that'd be a nightmare for me.. lol, where did it get jacked? :/ New build has some nice equipment! Tuned in
  20. Freshh

    DC Power on WCC???

    Could anybody tell what he was running? lol
  21. Don't drink and drive!
  22. Freshh

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Lmao thanks for starting my morning off right Penguin. That's a good laugh. Did you find that near where you live? Or internet picture? lol
  23. Freshh

    Got money, need a quote for a 15" BTL N2 D1

    Alright sweet thanks man!
  24. Freshh

    Got money, need a quote for a 15" BTL N2 D1

    Let us know when yours ships out Notorious!