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  1. MrSector9

    Adire Audio back in business

    Not sure if anyone else was on the email list but they announced they are reopening and are currently producing subs, plans to release the extremis 6.8 for early next year and Koda's either in the first or second half of the year. https://adireaudio.com/
  2. MrSector9

    Blueprint subs?

    you sir are correct. send or call Scott and he can get you setup with what you need
  3. MrSector9

    Sorry everything is taking so long...

    $120 a set for the lowest model? or is that for the second in line model. also let me ge this strait there is 2 verisions of the alpha? a cheap one and a better one? that makes no sense to me at all and just seems confusing to end buyers. So where along the production line are the omega drivers(these are the hghest you plan on offering corret?)? the cheaper drivers are interesting and i woudl try some to review sicne they are so cheap for a component set but i am interested in something worth keeping.
  4. MrSector9

    Sorry everything is taking so long...

    I woudl love to test this setup. and after these pics i guess I can stop calling it all "vaproware" also you mean a real phase plug or the fake dustcap style one (think REcomps/ adire SF7) What is wrong with boobie cones also lets see the backend of that
  5. MrSector9

    Nissan Sunny 2006

    Here is what i can offer. it is the n16 body style. n 2000, Nissan launched the N16 Pulsar, which included a minivan version (the Nissan Almera Tino or Nissan Tino) for the first time. The Wingroad continues to be sold as the Pulsar Wagon or Almera Traveller in many countries. To keep the Bluebird nameplate alive, Nissan shifted it to the four-door version of the Pulsar, and named it the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy in Japan. Unlike other Pulsars, the Bluebird Sylphy has a chrome grille. In the Philippines and Taiwan, the Bluebird Sylphy is sold as the Nissan Sentra. In New Zealand and Thailand, the five-door Pulsar is imported from the UK, while the four-door model is essentially a rebadged Bluebird Sylphy. Consequently, each body style has a different front end. In Thailand and China, the N16 Bluebird Sylphy is sold as the Nissan Sunny.
  6. MrSector9

    Nissan Sunny 2006

    a sunny eh ...... not from north america are you? sunny is kinda hard to find parts for, some place the sunny's were also called Pulsar GTIR's so that might be some help. I know this is for early 90's not sure baout now though.
  7. MrSector9

    Sorry everything is taking so long...

    I agree about the underhung being overal a very good topology since well liek you alreayd stated the reasons the only problem in a mid would be the depth issue of havuing a huge top plate and then having to offset the depth by using neo magnets. The only problem i could see with the modified top plate woudl be the associated costs, sure a large run would be pennies per top plate but on lmiited runs as you must know the costs skyrocket. Kinda the same goes for the split coil as being basically the same idea as xbl^2 the added weight and the problem with coil winding costs would be the only thing I would think that would overly affect my ideas on that. Also however in a high power subwoofer I cannot see the weight being an over issue but in a small mid that is trying to stay flat, sensitve and be responsive it would definatly matter. Guess that is the reason for no over abundance of LMT mids. As for color options I would stick with the 3, unless maybe only preorder sets of 10 drivers with other colors. Personnaly I woudl lvoe to see the offering of the colored carbon fibre but even then it is ahard product to sell since some people want neutral OR color matching colors. Another as for here, I will only beleive the $80 price tag on a full comp set when I see it Black chrome/ blue/black carbon cone.. i would care if it didn't make a sound it would look sexy sitting on the floor. Also don't make the mistake from now on OR that other companies have made with false dates..... If these DO come out I will surely be testing a set of the higher end underhung design, heck i should get them for free
  8. MrSector9

    Sorry everything is taking so long...

    So voerall the hype that was brought up what is goign to be so insanely special about these? Thought there was a different design that Matthew was tlaking about that would revolutionize where now you are tkaing about normal motor builds. Also any pictures of the 8" with 6mm flat BL that matt was supposed to have done a month ago? Also I want to find out what the deal is here. "You get far more flat BL this way than you would with XBL2 even.... as you can see from the BL graph.... and mms is waaaay lower than with XBL2. steel costs, machining costs, etc all lower as well... it's why Ology is doing these kind of motors for a lot of different places now" - Feandil Where are these said motors, I am not going to be a fanboy but now you are talking about splitcoil and overhung, split coil is just the opposite of splitgap(xbl^2) and overhung has been done for along time, where are these huge differences you are supposed to gain over all other "already offered" technologies?
  9. MrSector9

    Team SSAudio T shirt pre order

    Mine shoudl be paid... however the invoice i paid off of is mroe money then the second invoice i was sent :/ first invoice was $45 US second invoice last nite was $38.50 I will PM eldorado the paypal addy that paid my thing. he might have forgot to put my usernam ein the box thing
  10. MrSector9

    Sorry everything is taking so long...

    So any of these built yet? any pictures of any of this stuff? Also did you hear anything back yet form the post directly above this one?
  11. MrSector9

    AX line at ikesound?

    I ddin't think the SR series was even relased yet for RE. RE Audio XXX6.5 Comp Reaudio $722.00 HAHAHAHAHAH.. also they have all the XXX sizes and sutff.
  12. MrSector9

    TC Sounds

    yeah the new site is pretty damn sweet. lineup is also sweet Just wanted to add in here.... After looking all around the site... this is BY FAR the most informative site for a product. All the motor listings, how the different topologies work. i say cheers for a perfect site also no crazy flash/movie/sound
  13. MrSector9

    Ideas for a new setup.

    that woudl be nice, small 4 channel with the rears bridged to a 6.5" tangband ina small ported box.. or maybe an 8" nice sounding cheap setup.
  14. MrSector9

    Sub Parts

    softparts you will probably have to get something made up by someone. as for the basket probably just as easy to call a few places about the softparts depending on the motor you plan on using and they might have a basket to fit also.
  15. MrSector9

    Team SSAudio T shirt pre order

    HOODIES haha that is pretty darn cheap for shirts.