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  1. tez4life

    Trying Ethos 15's in a sealed enclosure

    Man makes a simple sealed box look elegant, lol.....love that bracing!
  2. tez4life

    10 inch Ethos?

    Speechless.....great looking driver!
  3. tez4life

    (2) 4ohm 10" midbass-----Faital Pro 10FH500

    Nice looking drivers, what kind of frequency range would be good for them? (Bandpassed)
  4. tez4life

    front stage: in the roof facing down?

    No questions Sencheezy, just me saying why I did what I did, I am very happy with it... I still hope to bring it to a comp or two someday Posting pictures of really crappily located speakers in order to justify your own system design is a logical fallacy. Just because some other people have done stupid things too, doesn't make stupid ideas more valid. "If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?" That said, I don't see the point in trying to explain why I personally have issues with your current speaker layout. You won't care, it won't make any difference, not worth the effort. If you are happy with it, more power to you. That's what matters and stop trying to justify yourself to us because, first, most of your justifications don't make much sense and second, it honestly doesn't make much of a difference to us as long as you are happy. Do your own thing and bask in the glory of individuality. Agreed, its your ride dude, do what you feel. If that setup works for you, more power to you. Individuality is one of the things ive always enjoyed most about car audio, lets you put your own "flair" on things.
  5. tez4life

    15" BTL box size

    Electrical was never an issue as ive put considerable thought into the requirements of both setups, but the single 18" would be alot easier on my electrical. Friend of mine did (2) BTL 15s on a RD D9 (5k) in his 02 Crown Vic and it was nuts. Honestly, the single 18" is looking like the better choice due to the box requirements, id rather run the single sub off a good bit of power in its optimal box as appose to cramming the 15s in a box thats too small for them to perform like I want. Guess the path is clear, lol. Thanks for the reply though,
  6. tez4life

    15" BTL box size

    Alright, im kind of tossing the idea around between two setups in the trunk of my Crown Vic. Setup one is (1) FI BTL N2 18" in 7 cubic feet net tuned to 32hz. Setup two is (2) FI BTL N2 15s in 8 cubic feet net tuned to 32hz. Here is my problem and question, the first setup with the single BTL will slide right in my trunk with no issues using the box design and cut sheet posted on this forum for it, but the second setup is the issue. Can I run the BTL 15s in a smaller box than 4 cubic feet net each and still get optimal performance? Id like to shrink the box and bump up the tuning to 34-35hz if thats possible. 3 to 3.5 cubic feet per sub would be a much easier fit for me in my car, but wasnt sure the BTLs would like a box that small daily on music. Plans are a Crescendo 5500 for the 15s so about 2500 RMS daily, no comps just music. The single 18" would get a Audiopipe 3k @ 2 ohms. Would I just be better with the 18" or can I go with a smaller box on the 15s? Any input is greatly appreciated thanks.
  7. tez4life

    hhr 4th order wall build, fo fih-teenz

    Amazing work dude, never though id see you finish a project lol, but top notch work so far, congrats on that. Should be a beast when you done!
  8. tez4life

    93 Fleetwood Caddy build.

    I have not posted on this forum in a while, but props for a killer build, 90s Fleetwoods have a special place in my heart. Very nice job on all the custom work, it came together well!
  9. tez4life

    Free enclosrue deal ends this Friday

    Hell of a deal, its a win win regardless.
  10. tez4life

    Fi BTL 12" common chamber flared port

    It really is, box looks amazing already, lol.
  11. tez4life


    Im sorry to hear about your loss
  12. Beautiful, I love those dust caps, mimics the Havocs I see. What size boxes do these subs like, esp the 15s?
  13. tez4life

    eD19ov.2 vs. Fi Q and Bl 18s

    Just read the whole thing, and my head is killing me, seriously Im glad your going with the BLs after they were suggested to you about a dozen times, esp after you mention your tuning. I think it will work out fine. Heres a 12" BL off a Nine.1 Hope things work out for you good luck.
  14. tez4life

    jbizzle's 2 18" Sundown Nightshades

    Very nice man, hopefully these will stick around for a while, lol. Thats one big @ss box though, me likes
  15. Possible about to purchase a pair in a day or two, curious about what would be a optimal box recommendation and tune for these subs? Just looking for a loud, daily, no comps, just something that sounds good on music. Thanks guys.