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  1. RandyandLynsey

    95 Eclipse Father/Son Project

    You bet I remember!!!! Here's a BIG Welcome from the SSA forum to Randy!!!! By sefugi at 2010-09-18 Really happy you came to the SSA forum and had a look!! Hope you will be coming back to check out all the cool stuff going on here! We'll be lookin' for you in the future at the Bayfront. You mentioned you might be selling your Eclipse, if you don't maybe we can get together and do a few things to it (if you want) Thanks for the comments!!! Yeah, if i keep it that'd be cool. Seeing that car honestly made me want to keep mine lol.
  2. RandyandLynsey

    95 Eclipse Father/Son Project

    Hey, I don't know if you remember me but i'm the guy that talked to you at bayfront, well.. i should say one of the guys. You two were pretty much the main attraction last night. But anyway I am the guy that drives the orange eclipse, and also the guy that said that the car is the nicest eclipse i've ever seen about 8 times lol. But i just wanted to get on here and look since you mentioned the website and your posts to me. And i have stayed up till 2:05 a.m. looking at and reading through every page lol. This car is truly amazing and you 2 did a GREAT job on everything. Hope to see ya'll around pensacola. And again, congratulations. Oh and btw.. I'm in the first picture from bayfront lol. and just like everyone is saying that the sound system is the attention grabber, that just so happens to be where i'm looking that's me in the black shirt that says seniors lol. But i hope that one day I have a car as nice as this one. And i hope that it gives you no problems in the future, good luck!