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  1. morgan8119

    Bl vs Icon

    Ok thanks denim, I am really interested in trying out the icon, I don't know anyone with an ssa sub and I have heard a lot of good about them, the icon is cheaper, and I'm curious about the new icon that is coming out, I am going to see if I can fit a 15 where I am putting the sub, and if not then I am going to get the 12.
  2. morgan8119

    5 to 10 MPH my A$$

    Yeah, even though that slow speed would cause a lot of damage, I'd guess 20mph or so...
  3. morgan8119

    SQ 18's ?'s Bring EXP

    Someone once told me that you can't hear a difference b/w most woofers... Just enclosure and install, think about that.
  4. morgan8119

    Bl vs Icon

    Will the icon still get loud? I understand it won't be as loud as the bl. And it is going on my rear seat.
  5. morgan8119

    Bl vs Icon

    Ok Icon bl or bl icon lol
  6. morgan8119

    Bl vs Icon

    I am looking to put either a 12" Bl or Icon in my 2010 4 door silverado, I am powering them with a aq1200d, and will be porting the enclosure to maximum recommendations, I will be trying to make an efficient box, that will require less power, which sub do you think is better?
  7. morgan8119

    SSA ICON Series out of stock

    YEah, please hurry! Might hold off on the bl i was getting for one of these!
  8. morgan8119

    HELP buying subs

    My friend had 2 l7 15s in a ported box, he heard my 12" fiaudio btl, and was very impressed by how loud it was, idk what your looking to spend on everything else, but you can't go wrong with Fi, the btl is a man of an spl sub.
  9. morgan8119

    Icon, ssd, or q?

    I no longer have a 2200 watt amp I have a 1200 watt amp, and where could I get a used btl or bl from?
  10. morgan8119

    Icon, ssd, or q?

    I think I am going to go with the bl unless anyone objects?
  11. morgan8119

    Icon, ssd, or q?

    So a bl will be better than an icon no doubt?
  12. morgan8119

    Icon, ssd, or q?

    Yeah I realize that Hzd, what I meant to say was that the btl takes around 2k and i was running that off of an aq2200d, because of all the wattage coming from the amp on stock electrical, it was clipping.
  13. morgan8119

    Icon, ssd, or q?

    I have already owned a btl and made the mistake of getting rid of it, the only problem was that the btl because I had stock electrical clip ridiculously, so any other options, plus the btl is a little out of the price range.
  14. morgan8119

    Icon, ssd, or q?

    Ok what about an sa-12