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  1. jfoodstamp

    18 DP BOX

    I just had an enclosure built for my 2 18" judge woofers and I ended up being at 14 cubes net tuned to 35 hz. It sounds pretty good so far. Will it work in smaller yes. I think those woofers will work in as little as 5 cubes each so if you can be at 6.???? I think you'll be good.
  2. jfoodstamp

    Did I buy the wrong Incriminator woofer?

    7 cubes net each tuned to 35 hz. I have trouble with adding attachments so my build log is on **** under 93 Chevy caprice. hood "SQL" build
  3. jfoodstamp

    Did I buy the wrong Incriminator woofer?

    Just an update. I finally got these installed in my car. So far with only about an hour of playing time on these they seem to do very well output wise. Sound quality wise comparing them to my old DC XL M2, Cerwin Vega STROKER PRO'S, DD9518 ETC. these are all on the same level. I am hoping just with a lil break in time they will sound better
  4. jfoodstamp

    What's taking so long with your orders?

    I ordered my 2 Judge woofers around November 7th and they are shipping out today. There Black and Blue sale is huge for them. The wait has been agonizing for me however I am confident the subs will make me more than happy. I have ran Incriminator products in the past and have always been more than happy
  5. jfoodstamp

    judge woofer

    I wondered the same myself before I bought mine and was more than concerned. After talking with nick he told me it would work for daily
  6. jfoodstamp

    Did I buy the wrong Incriminator woofer?

    I used to be a dealer for Incriminator when I had my shop and most of the time It would take them about a week to build woofers then another couple days to ship to me in Central Illinois. When I talked to Tricia on Tuesday she mentioned it would be December before my woofers would ship. I know that they are swamped because of the sale. Side note is I recently talked to Nick and he said they had plenty of stock for all the woofers so far as I can tell we are just waiting for build time
  7. jfoodstamp

    Did I buy the wrong Incriminator woofer?

    Well I don't have any additional info based on how they sound yet. It doesn't look like I will receive my woofers until mid December. But I am anxiously awaiting their arrival.
  8. I would do the alt first and if that's not enough then add the rear battery.
  9. jfoodstamp

    optidrive amps

    Whats your budget? I would stay away from the popcorn sounds amps because iirc they are no longer being made and are prone to breaking. I have no personal experience with the optidrive but a lot of ppl run them and say they have been good to them.
  10. jfoodstamp

    The new Death Penalty

    I did some research into this before I bought my New Judge's. For 2013 they added another magnet wedge in which helps make the motor stronger than before so in theory it should be louder and handle more power than previously
  11. jfoodstamp

    Did I buy the wrong Incriminator woofer?

    just to let everybody know I talked to Incriminator today and they said that The Judge will work for daily with no modifications
  12. jfoodstamp

    Did I buy the wrong Incriminator woofer?

    I am fortunately pretty good at doing box designs. I will be walling these in my 93 Chevy Caprice. Power will be a CT Sounds 4000.1 AT .5 Ohm at first short;ly after will be a second 4k Here is a Link to my build: http://www.****/forum/build-logs/146108-93-chevy-caprice-hood-"SQL"-build.html
  13. jfoodstamp

    Did I buy the wrong Incriminator woofer?

    Thank you Shizzon. I appreciate that. I just had a horrible feeling like I was buying an old school MTX RFL woofer and if you remember those were strictly a burp woofer
  14. jfoodstamp

    Did I buy the wrong Incriminator woofer?

    I hope not and as long as it sounds as good as my previous death rows, 187's or lethal injections I'll be happy. It just seems that in their marketing materials they only mention that the motor could be used for daily implying to me that I may have do something different to make it play for daily applications.
  15. Just like the title says..... Did I buy the wrong Incriminator woofer? I bought 2 Incriminator Judge 18's to install in my wall. I have the airspace for them but I will primarily be using these for daily applications? Will they work for me? Ive owned the 2009 death row woofers will they sound similar or better or did I just purchase 2 burp woofers? should I be worried and try to switch my order?