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  1. Norcalbigbeto209


    Are these gone?
  2. Norcalbigbeto209

    SSA Forum Members, I need your Help!!!

    Good luck!!!!
  3. Norcalbigbeto209

    Enclousre Build for Ethan (One 12 Inch Alpine Type-R)

    Seen these enclosures first hand when I picked up mine (2 fi btl N2's) and they look great!!! Very nicely made.
  4. Norcalbigbeto209

    Enclousre Build for Local Customer (Two 15 Inch Fi BTL N2's)

    I wouldn't be able to tell you. Sounds great! Real deep bass at very low volume. Maybe Andrew will chime in and answer that for you. Highly recommend his enclosures.
  5. Norcalbigbeto209

    Enclousre Build for Local Customer (Two 15 Inch Fi BTL N2's)

  6. Norcalbigbeto209

    Enclousre Build for Local Customer (Two 15 Inch Fi BTL N2's)

    Love the box!!!! My n2's are Beat'n hard!! Thank you.
  7. Norcalbigbeto209

    Can someone from DC Power Contact ME!!!!

    Wow!!! Just finished reading thread on smd (mechman vs dc) and thought this was all taken care of. I can't believe dc is still trying to give this guy ANY excuse. This just isn't right. Good luck buddy!!!! I'm taking my business else where. I'm glad you posted this. $500 I finally managed to scrape together to get an alt, isn't just laying around my house. (not that your $2500 is) Sorry bro!! Your build has to be all screwed up. I'll tell you one thing, you a better man then I am. 2yrs and your still expecting your stuff. THIS IS'NT RIGHT !!!!!!
  8. Norcalbigbeto209

    Enclosure Build for ReHunter (One 12 Inch RE Audio XXX [New Style])

    Really nice!!! Can't wait for mine. Good to see another one of your boxes.
  9. Norcalbigbeto209

    Anyway of determining amp failure or some sort of problem?

    I've sent a few if those same amplifiers back to kicker to get fixed for friends and they usually charge about $80 to fix.
  10. Norcalbigbeto209

    Your Vote Needed!!! Final round!!

  11. Norcalbigbeto209

    BTL Motor

    Why can you just buy the baskets?
  12. Norcalbigbeto209

    Requesting comments on my new setup

    Thats funny that im planning on running almost the same set up. T40001bd on two 15 btl n2's. got the entire set up except for high amp alt. My batteries are 3 optima d31's and still dont feel there enough. Going into a two door tahoe. Thinking I AM A end up having to have 2 alt's. Running all zero gauge wire and sub box to spec is a must for sure. Good luck!!!!
  13. Norcalbigbeto209

    Fi BTL N2 Pics + Fiday X Pics

    Awesome !!!!
  14. Norcalbigbeto209

    Fi BTL N2 Pics + Fiday X Pics

    Where you posting at ? Man, I wish I was more computer savvy , I got my 2 btl 15 yesterday and still have my zx2500.1 hooked up in car with no subs hooked up.
  15. Norcalbigbeto209

    Btl update

    Wow!!! Wish I Knew how. Would love to see how quik the number of watcher would rise (on youtube). Looks like some one saved me and has already posted a video (I hope). Gonnna go look for it so I could a least post the link.