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  1. bdawson72

    once again 2 12" Havocs on saz-1500d

    x2 I have 2 in my truck and 2 1500's strapped. My question is...I wonder how much more they can take
  2. Turnout wasnt too large. But we still had a good time despite the early rain.
  3. bdawson72

    SAZ-3000d sucks....

  4. bdawson72

    Hey Jake

    Looks like it never went through. I'll be sending another one shortly.
  5. bdawson72

    Hey Jake

    I generally don't do things of the sort. But.....ygpm
  6. I honestly couldn't have said it better myself.
  7. I'll probably be there. And, I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to compete. My substage should be done. Even though my front stage wont be.
  8. bdawson72

    ssa icon 15's

    Do it
  9. bdawson72

    Need sub changed

    Can this be done with a Dual 1 ohm Q? I need a dual 2 ohm now since I got a new amp. Ummmm, Nope.
  10. bdawson72

    Greetings from Va

    Boo. Northern va sucks.
  11. bdawson72

    Greetings from Va

    Boo. Northern va sucks.
  12. bdawson72

    Should I recone? Price?

    I wouldnt.
  13. bdawson72

    Rethinking things

    I wish. But, no I don't.