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  1. Lungbuster

    chevy s10 design

    Subs forward as low to the floor as you can get em with port up along the back edge of the box! I know of several s-10's that have 3 15's like this and they SLAM. Build you a false floor that way the subs are all level with each other. This has been done several times below the window line and can yield enourmous numbers. Ive seen s-10's do 60's with this box design and 3 15's.
  2. Lungbuster

    VLX2DE amp - questions

    Well I cant compare customer service as I have never ran any Sundown Audio products but be rest assured that US Amps/RE Audio has phenomenal customer service. I have been using there amps for years and everytime I have called them I have got someone on the phone. I have even talked to the VP as he isnt to good to answer the phone. Greg has helped me several times on installs and had no problems answering my noob questions. Very good products plus very good customer service oh and american made. Easy choice for me.
  3. Lungbuster

    Some pics?

    Andrew is there any way you would post some build pics of my box for them HCCA's? Man i'd really appreciate it and Im super stoked to get this box. Thanks buddy.
  4. Lungbuster

    Streetbeat Customz - Back at it ;)

    Was I the only one watching the boob trick?
  5. Lungbuster

    Saw this today..

    Where can I pick some of those up at? Must have right there
  6. Lungbuster

    2 DC Lv 3 15"s windshield flex!

    Thats whats up man. Nice setup
  7. Lungbuster

    Post your Audio Setup!!!

    2002 Chevy Ext Cab Kenwood HU(New JVC Kameleon 2 on the way) Subs 2 15" Orion HCCA's Enclosure built by me but NIghtmare Audio design 11cu ft tuned to 33hz(Argent Audio box in the making;) US Amps MD3D pushing the subs(Looking for new amp at the moment) Stock front fill(Orion HCCA 6.5's on the way) Unsure on component amp Big 3 upgrade but stock other than that(looking at some batts from Kinetic and some alts from Tejcurrent)
  8. Lungbuster

    Why just one power and ground input?

    2000 bucks for dual 270 and 2 XS Power 3100 and 1 340o under the hood LMAO
  9. Lungbuster

    Why just one power and ground input?

    Well the amp is bought, Im just in the process of finding alts and batts for it. I dont guess I know what you mean by copper pipe. I assume you mean like copper rod running off the bank of batts or what not?
  10. Well Im no expert here and dont know alot but I dont think that the amps your looking at are gonna even to be close to the power you need to push them subs. And Im gonna tell you right now so you dont get off in the same boat as me, you want to push subs like that your gonna need electrical upgrades. Batteries and alternators! I stand corrected 800 watts RMS!
  11. Okay Im really interested in buying a 7KD but I have a question. First off a 1/0 gauge cable can only support 300-350 amps of draw yet your amps is pulling almost 800 with a load?
  12. I really just want to have a nasty street beater that can pull some decent numbers. So in essence the box will be tuned for music not tones but I want to get max out put out of my subs.
  13. Ok so Im kinda stepping up a little bit on the whole sub scene and I kinda got over my head a little bit. I thought I would look to you guys for some guidance. I have bought 2 15" Orion HCCA's. I bought the dual 4 ohm version thinking Id just run 1 big amp. Well my noobness has bit me in the ass. I need a large amp as wasnt really thinking of the amp draw that this would present. So if I can get any suggestions on amp/batteries/alt that I may need I would owe a favor for sure. I know you guys get these questions all the time and I didnt want to be "this" guy but I really have no other choice. I want to learn this instead of just paying some shop to do it for me. I was looking at running a Stetsom 7KD or a Soundstream 6500. Thanks in advance for your replies guys.