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  1. Mtopper

    1991 Honda CRX Si

    when you peel the tint off you need to use a window cleaner that isn't ammonia based. then take a razor blade and gently scrap off the hardened glue. basically its like peeling a potato, go with the glass. i worked at a tint shop for a while and i was always peeling old off to be replaced. people are dumb and use windex to clean the tint. the ammonia will ruin it causing it to fade.
  2. Mtopper

    1999 Tahoe SAE1200 on 2 12" Fi Q's

    the remote turn on is constant power? are you sure you tapped into the right wire behind the HU? i've done it before so its possible lol. bass know cuts out the bass? could there be a break in the line somewhere where it is grounding? i don't use bass knobs so i couldn't tell you really.
  3. Mtopper

    Why you should just HIT the damn DEER

    as much as the car is destroyed, it did save his life. says something about the design of it. thank god he did walk away from it though, life throws some crazy stuff at us all at times. Hopefully he'll be able to get it all figured out soon.
  4. i hope you scooped all the poop out of the cat litter right?
  5. Mtopper

    2006 Buick Rendezvous 2 RF T3Ks and some hybrid 18s

    holy crap man. nice upgrade you have there
  6. Mtopper

    Hotdog69's Build Log

    i honestly have one of those sitting in my room ready to be put somewhere. whether it be in my truck or in my girlfriends. love the unit, really fun
  7. Mtopper

    New from Michigan

    what up playa? we gotta get some work done soon to get 3 rides going, sales up, and what not hahaha.... tomorrow, you, me, battery discussion
  8. Mtopper

    My new toy!

    looks like it will be a fun little build man. car looks clean for a south dakota car
  9. Mtopper

    2001 Chevy Astro....Custom Install!

    I never said anything about test tones. i'm just saying that with higher tuning he gets higher numbers. took the port plug out and the numbers got higher. sounds darn good now Fuck a test tone. Bass Box, FTW!
  10. Mtopper

    4 SA-15/SAZ3500d Walled GMC Sierra

    looking great man. keep it going
  11. looks darn good man. keep going and showing us what you do
  12. Mtopper

    2001 Chevy Astro....Custom Install!

    i'm by no means speaking for ramrod. DJ, i haven't seen him since monday after work. i'm going to try and stop by tomorrow to talk about this weekend and what not. we'll see what happens
  13. Mtopper

    2001 Chevy Astro....Custom Install!

    see, we understand that but when it comes to the competitions its all about numbers ya know?
  14. Mtopper

    2001 Chevy Astro....Custom Install!

    it does sound really good but with higher tuning it still hammers lows damn well but loses a lot of numbers... especially with shows and comps coming up, he needs the higher tuning to get those numbers
  15. Mtopper

    2001 Chevy Astro....Custom Install!

    the black guy is the one who has been too busy to chill haha... i got the text after he asked me about the cards. i work out by him so it was simple
  16. Mtopper

    2001 Chevy Astro....Custom Install!

    take that poor kid to bed!!! today was a fun day and very impressed by how loud and clear the speakers are. its very impressive to say the least
  17. Mtopper

    Jay's 79 Burban 12-12's in a 4thorder..

    looks great so far man
  18. Mtopper

    Grasshopper's Hoe

    looks damn good man. keep up the work, love this "little" build
  19. Mtopper

    93' Ford Bronco Rebuild

    hey now... you know me, you can post my name for any and everything.
  20. Mtopper

    Hotdog69's Build Log

    same here. i'm going to be junk yarding a set that matches and saving those for when i sell my truck within a year. my original panels have some holes already from my tweeters now so i figure why not bust them up some more... good luck and keep us updated
  21. Mtopper

    Hotdog69's Build Log

    i hear ya. i'm going to try and learn fiberglassing myself so i can do the same. just build my own door card able to hold multiple speakers and such
  22. Mtopper

    Hotdog69's Build Log

    i meant door speakers. you had said about upgrading them early on i thought. just figured you might do a little upgrade photo of the amp or whatever.
  23. Mtopper

    My Wife's Grocery getter build log

    wish my other half would let me install some of the old stuff i have laying around. she thinks her stock system is more than enough but loves cranking my radio up when my sub hits. nice little install you have going. sure, the box takes up a lot of space but great idea on the down firing to allow said groceries to sit on top. hopefully they don't spill with the beautiful box bumping away
  24. Mtopper

    Hotdog69's Build Log

    looks darn good man. any updates on the speakers?
  25. Mtopper

    A new Dcon????

    didn't mean to sound pushy. i just wanted to order these soon if i have available space, if not i'm going to go with 2 12s. i'm certain i have 5 cubic usable after displacement of the 12s, tuned to 32hz. thanks for the hard work mark and aaron