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  1. that Grand Am GT got messed up big. he's very lucky that his enclosure didn't keep going into his/her seat. the wiring probably slowed it all down but it could have done more. hopefully he learns from that. thank god they got away relatively intact
  2. Mtopper

    Ranger Front Stage (pic heavy)

    Cobra, great build. i love how easy you make it look while i know it took time and thought. i'm about an hour from you in toledo. i'm just north of Detroit. I'm really tempted to buy some of those peerless now and use them instead of the JL Vr comps i have. got them for $80 last year and they don't do anything. Keep it up and let us/me know if there are any shows you're going to. i'd love to see your truck
  3. Mtopper

    Pics of Systems Past

    my first system is actually sitting in my garage still. Pioneer DEH-P6300 infinity components, kenwood KAC-7202, Audiopipe 10 in a sealed box and a kenwood 9102 for the sub. sold radio in the old car sold the mono still trying to sell sub and comps the 7202 powers up but doesn't send signal through the terminals. trying to fix that. i loved the system even though it was pretty crappy sounding. the audiopipe is just dirty bass. whole system cost $3000 from a buddy. fun stuff for my old cavalier. still miss that little car for how loud it could get with simple small systems
  4. Mtopper

    2004 Blazer battery needed

    awesome. thanks a lot. i just wanted to make sure i wasn't going to be spending money and finding out i'd messed up. i won't be upgrading anything else until next summer. battery and alternator are it for now
  5. Mtopper

    2004 Blazer battery needed

    i have a 2004 Chevy Blazer 2 door. my Bosch battery did fine when i was funning a little 300 watt system not long ago but i recently upgraded and am pulling over 1200 watts rms between my mono block and 4 channel. i want to run one single battery right now but will eventually run a second or more in the trunk area. What would you suggest for me? i'm looking at the d3400.. its a tight squeeze but i can make it work. is this a good idea?
  6. Mtopper

    Welcome to the IHoP

    this is a great thread.. have similar over on the blazerforum. gotta love the stupid funny stuff
  7. Mtopper

    Window Tint Picture Thread

    20% on my 2 sides. getting rear 5 windows 5% on top of stock soon along with 35% on windshield for the privacy aspect and i have screwed up eyes. medical slip makes it so much nicer haha here is a mid summer shot with sun directly into the windshield with just sides done this last shot is what makes me want to do the 5% on the rears and the windshield.i have my amps and sub in the trunk that aren't so hidden which scares me. so, go dark or be stolen
  8. Mtopper

    SLOW build on a 2001 GMC Jimmy

    your rant is actually a good one in my mind. it makes my decision making much easier for when i do the same. not sure if it'll be soon or next spring. my main reason for not wanting kicks is because i'm 6'3 and have really big feet so giving up floor space in not really an option for me how big is the factory grille, and how much depth do you have from actual panel to inner door?
  9. Mtopper

    4- sa-8 enclosure

    your box looks great. i wish i could create such racks out of metal. are you going to run a dual battery setup now?
  10. Mtopper

    Another New Michigan Member

    didn't realize there were so many michigan people here. that makes it that much better. thanks for more welcomes
  11. Mtopper

    Another New Michigan Member

    hey guys, another new Michigander here. i'm from Metro Detroit and very into cars and car audio. i have a 2004 Chevy Blazer 2 door with a full JL Audio system right now(i know its expensive as heck but i bought it all on sale) and not fully happy with it so i look forward to learning and seeing what else i can do to be able to compete in local competitions and such.
  12. Mtopper

    SLOW build on a 2001 GMC Jimmy

    is this on a 2 door jimmy? i have a 2 door blazer and am still trying to find tweeter location/how to bring the speaker away from the door without doing kicks
  13. Mtopper

    Another New Michigan Member

    I'm from Harper Woods. Right at 8-mile and I-94.
  14. Mtopper

    Another New Michigan Member

    thanks for the welcome guys. i'm a full time college student and a part time employee of my public school system. forgot to tell you guys that. So, my builds will only take place during weekends, holidays, and summers