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  1. Mtopper

    93' Ford Bronco Rebuild

    call up the one in fraser i told you about. my buddy had a lot of work done on his f150 there. obriens only did rear end on a 92 tahoe 2 door my buddy had he told me tonight. sorry they didn't work out man
  2. Mtopper

    93' Ford Bronco Rebuild

  3. Mtopper

    Build for my uncles 2010 Camry

    looks awesome man. very impressed by the work done in the trunk. always wanted to do plexi but could never find it with good quality for less than an arm and a leg
  4. Mtopper

    6 15" Obsidian's and 10k......the rebuild!

    really like the "beauty" panels going in. whole build looks great
  5. Get some info going D. a couple people local to me are curious also. i'll probably be there to hang out and maybe compete with a little something by then.
  6. just random question, but have you tried bypassing the processor? i've heard people having issues with noise from alpine and rockford processors
  7. Mtopper

    93' Ford Bronco Rebuild

    yeah man. pm me your number, i got a new phone in january and couldn't transfer all my numbers from the crackberry
  8. Mtopper

    93' Ford Bronco Rebuild

    ok, let me talk to my buddies with their lifted trucks. i know they go different places for different problems. i'll let you know tonight or tomorrow
  9. Mtopper

    93' Ford Bronco Rebuild

    what needs to get done DJ? depending on what, i can direct you towards a couple different places
  10. Mtopper

    BTL15 First (Re)Build Log

    everything looks good so far, just hit the rear diff and what not with some love and it'll all look amazing man. love dual exhaust
  11. love the painted optimas, box and amp rack. everything is top notch
  12. Mtopper

    Team IAK IronMan Explorer

    looks great man. i just have a question. with the bolts you're using, why don't you pull the gasket up a little bit and bolt under it so that they don't squish it in weird ways
  13. Mtopper

    Irish Basser Project

    like the equipment choices. looks like it'll be a lot of fun for you. good luck man
  14. Mtopper

    Hello Motor City

    Welcome man, i'm in St. Clair Shores and Ramrod on here is in your neighborhood. Happily meet up with you later this summer once i get out and start working on my car
  15. Mtopper

    6th order bandpass?

    ask Ramrod about it. he has a couple guys who can help you out
  16. Mtopper

    Act scores?

    I never took the sat because it wasn't needed if i went to in state schools (which i do) but i got a 31 on the ACT. Reading was my weakest subject in all of life. Math was a 33, English a 31 and science a 33. Reading was a 28. I'm staring at it right now because i'm transferring schools this fall
  17. Mtopper

    2004 Nissan Sentra 2way + sub

    looks great. what crossover points are you using on the full range/woofer
  18. Mtopper

    Good low end extension from a comp set

    I'm just going to point out, Chrysler Sunfire? Pontiac sunfire has 4x6 in the front doors and sound horrible. i had a 97 cavalier 2 door in high school. the best thing i could ever find was a shallow depth set of 5.25s fit with a little bit of trimming to the door metal. it cleared the window by a quarter inch. I don't remember much about it because the car was over 4 years ago but off a basic pioneer radio, it didn't sound horrible with the 5.25s of the radio and a 10 sealed in the trunk. good luck with figuring something out without trimming anything.
  19. Mtopper

    help HIDs keep flickering

    You need to get a relay that takes power directly from the battery. something like this http://www.ddmtuning.com/Products/HID-Kit-Wiring-Harness the problem is that your jeep's stock sockets don't provide enough "power" for the ballast to keep the gas ignited. Its a problem on most newer chrysler vehicles. My cousin owns a shop where all he does is tint, hids, and vinyl work. This will help the longevity of your lights, your vehicles electrical and stop the annoying flicker.
  20. Mtopper

    Sneak Peak at the new GCON (Pics p5)

    I just can't wait for these to come out. I have a new car so i want some new subs.
  21. Mtopper


    What numbers is it putting up at .5 ohm? i remember the 2 ohm being loud and clean but not the dropped load
  22. Mtopper

    has a cop swerved you because of your subs?

    I rather enjoyed that one. But i used to get pulled over in my blazer for "excessive bass". I had no subs, just a set of crappy component speakers, ask Ramrod. I had every piece of glass tinted (including windshield) because i legitimately have eye issues, as i stare at the floaters moving around right now, and my Headlights were pretty darn bright because i was that a**hole with hids in a stock non projector housing.
  23. Mtopper

    Team IAK IronMan Explorer

    That'll get me 2 weeks worth of driving these days. that used to get me around for a week in my blazer
  24. Mtopper

    Armykyle1's Build

    So um yeah.... batteries blowing up are never a good thing. i have had a stye for the last 3 months due to battery acid. car looks great though man
  25. Mtopper

    ATTN!! :: Julian!

    Easiest way to decide this. Chevy vs. Ford Chevy all day long haha.