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  1. Another item from team ramrod and i that will no longer be used. 




    1. Product:
    Singer 300 amp alternator with external regulator for vortec motors
    2. Specs:
    Mike singer built ad244 300 amp alternator
    External regulator
    can't remember exact specs on what it puts out.
    3. Description/Condition:  
    condition 9/10 - it was mounted and used for half of last season
    working 10/10 - when pulled off vehicle it worked flawlessly. 
    4. Price: :
    $350 + shipping obo
    no trades
    5. Pictures:

  2. I'm selling a one owner LCD Bass Meter for Dave (teamRamrod). We have no need for it anymore so its time to go. It has been taken care of and is extremely accurate compare to the TL. The label is peeling some but is to be expected after 2 seasons of use. 


    Looking to get $300 plus shipping obo.









  3. hey guys i'll follow mklett's pattern

    Vehicle : 2012 chevy cruze

    Location in the vehicle: trunk

    Space available (Length x Width x Height): 36x16x24

    Subwoofer make and model: american bass xfl

    Subwoofer Size: 10

    Number of Subwoofers: 2 or 3

    Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): slot or aero

    What type of music do you like?: mostly hip hop/rap but also rock

    Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: everyday

    Tuning Freq (Hz): 33-35

    Volume :???

    Questions: i'm trying to figure out the best possible orientation, size, port, and tuning for this car.

    i have a prefab ported box for 2 tens that i've had in the car for 2 weeks and have played it firing into car with it sealed off using 1/4 ply (wasn't glued or foamed so not 100% seal) and also firing at the trunk. sounds best firing at the trunk but i do plan on competing with the car but it is my daily so i'm looking for the best of both worlds. this is the first CAR i'm trying to make loud. i've had my blazer before along with working with ramrod on his van and the yukon.

    for the box, i'm trying to do the 3 10s ported into the car. would it be beneficial to aero port through the rear deck or would it be better to keep them all on the same face? i'm going to do an amp floor behind the box so i can still use the trunk for backpacks and luggage since i do go to school full time and travel somewhere far every couple weeks with a 2 other people. my seats do fold down but do not have a ski pass. if i were to cut out some metal brackets that are not load bearing, i can make my box 40x17x24 max. there is no real answer anywhere as to what size to make boxes for xfls but after researching, a lot of people have luck using 1.25-1.75 per sub tuned to about 35hz. any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    can also just use 2 of the 10s and throw the 3rd in gfs ride but would want to use it myself if it isn't a dumb idea

  4. I live in hartland near Howell and I drive to Monroe once week and Im at u of m flint college through out the week and flint has so many cops. No problems though. I think if you drive fine and not to be mean but have a nicer car then you will be fine.

    I'm really hoping to go to some shows. I don't know if I'll compete but just to go. Do you have your build done?

    the problem i had with my blazer was that it was cherry metallic paint, blacked out, hids, and had a catless exhaust... it drew the attention. you're right though. i've never been stopped in my cruze in the year i've had it tinted. blazer was at least once every other week.

    fusion looks good man. i'm driving from St. Clair Shores to Southfield 4 days a week for school at LTU and have zero issues with cops. i get stared at daily by people on 696 but who cares lol. hopefully we get another warm week here soon so i can start building up my car. no garage means no work under 40 degrees lol

  5. Tint is rediculously dark. Is that even legal? haha. Awesome to see more people doing trunk builds. Iv been slacking on my build log though...

    I absolutely love dark tint. It's way beyond legal lol. Here is michigan you can't have anything on side windows except 35%. I don't know if 35% is the law or the cops won't bother you with that on. The windshield can have no tint at all except the under that line like 4 inches down.

    Any of the side windows are just pitch black. You can't see into the car no matter what. The windshield you can just see the u of m parking pass on a cloudy day and on a sunny day you can just make out that there is someone in the car lol I love the privacy. One of my friends has been doing tint for a while now and is really good. He did my whole car for 175. He only uses the good tint. No autozone shit. I have no problem with the police (knock on wood). I don't drive like an idiot, so I don't really stand out other than the 12k hids. Also, my friends mom is a cop and she can write off the tint ticket, so I don't have to worry about it. biggrin.png

    Get your build done. I want to see those 15s in a trunk haha

    Also my trailblazer was 5% all around and 50% on windshield. Been driving crazy dark tint since last Janurary lol

    michigan tint law is nothing on the front three past 4 inches period. that being said, i've had two cars tinted in 20 all around with 35 on the whole windshield and only get problems in a few cities. state cops don't really care too much. nice car man, hopefully see you in the lanes this season. trunk build here for my cruze

  6. the problem with the alarm idea is this. my mom works at my old high school in the back office. there is a door buzzer system you have to ring to be let in while on camera. They never two way to ask who i am and what i'm doing. they just buzz me in. If i were twisted like the guy today, i could do the same thing and no one would have a chance to stop me. I carry due to my job and have walked into the school forgetting it is on my hip. no one has ever questioned me about it. its not easy to hide my 45 when i'm in jeans and a work polo. It has to due with people doing their job and not letting their guard down when they're in charge of children's lives. Its sad to say it but people are becoming lazy and comfortable.