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  1. Need break parts for my truck... Time to get this build moving. I gotta hella free time now, quit one job cause I wasn't getting & the team/shop I was working with voted out the only color...

    RIP... Aint even get a going away party. Gotta hang this up when I get home. Good look & many more first place trophies....


    edit, play fair.

    lets talk face to face about it as i said to you DJ. No internet fights.

  2. A lot of people over look the American Bass XFL line. they're cheaper money wise but still good quality build and can get low and loud very easily. Buddy had 2 12s in the trunk of his sunfire tuned to like 28hz and was still doing a 142 all day long.

    The XFL 15 sells for about $180-$250 depending on your local dealer.

    SSA, Sundown, FI and so on are good choices also, Zcons sound amazing and FI has never failed to impress me either.

  3. for your engine noise, try ground the black wire in your harness directly to a metal bracket behind your dash. my blazer was horrible with alternator whine, once i grounded it to the airbag bracket my noise went away completely.

    great products btw

  4. can we say HOLY SHIITE!!!!


    1400 CCA @ 32F

    270ah ...

    wtf ..

    3yr warranty ... under $200 ... free shipping ...

    We have 2 of those sitting in the stock room at my store right now. heavy ass mofo right there. 2 man job just to push them around haha.

    scratch the 2 man job, we have 2 larger batteries that weigh in at 200 pounds each. those suck

  5. Just moved in this week boys. still setting it all up. I finish my finals tomorrow so this weekend will be organizing and such all of our tools and extras.

    Anyone can stop by under one condition, must bring food for 4 + whoever you bring. haha

  6. multiple different ohm loads.

    all parallel equals

    .667 ohms

    all subs run parallel then in series

    6 ohms

    all subs series then run in parallel

    2.667 ohms

    all series subs then series run in box

    24 ohms

    if its still the SA8 dual 4s.

    if its just single voice coil 4 then its


    1.33 ohms


    12 ohms

  7. So what I'm looking for is some clean, tight, bass to add to my current setup. Loudness is not really what I'm going for, I don't want the sub to overpower the rest of my system. I currently have a 4CH JL amp feeding 60W (i think) to some 6.5 mb quarts. Now I'd like fill out the bottom end. When I put in a sub I'd like to run a hpf on my components so that they don't have to play the lower freqs (is this right?).

    Also, space is a concern.

    So from what I've read on this forum, I'm thinking of going with a SA-12 in Dual 4 coils and the most powerful amp @ 2ohms that I can afford. Was looking at the Alpine MRPM500 or MRXM50.

    I'd like to go with a sealed enclosure, but I'm not sure I'm up for designing and building one.

    What do you guys think? Any recommendations on amps or getting a custom box built? How would you do the sub,amp, and box for around $500?

    Thanks in advance! :)

    edit: its like a $10 price difference to go for the 12, so that was my thinking.

    What is it about a sealed box that you don't want to design and build? all you have to do is figure out what usable space you have the dimensions you need to achieve 1 cubic foot after displacement.

    the alpine amp is a good little amp that will power your 12 great. it just doesn't leave any room to grow if you ever want to add another 12.

    you can easily purchase all that for under $500. it would also be a good sounding setup. The only question is, why not go ported? you can make a ported sub blend well with a quality front stage (mb quart being one of them).

  8. Is this a chat or a build log ?

    extremely tempted to -1 you on that one Casey. last time i checked, yours is chit chat a lot also....

    just messin with you. We're a little busy with other peoples' cars at the moment which is why his build is going so slow. we have all the products, just no time to work on it as of right now.

  9. those doors are just crazy midbass now boys and girls. Ramrod needs to use his new fangled phone to video them. my crackberry is an extremely expensive flashlight and thats about it

    You gotta find me on friday..... I re-up on my iPhone & now I can shoot HD video!

    He has a new phone also. it actually takes good pictures and vid.

  10. I honestly thought you popped the subs in and were hiding them behind some grille cloth. looks great though man. can't wait to see what you think about the install when done. if it sounds like it looks, it'll be amazing.

  11. Sorry no burn out- it would have been more smoke out the tail pipe then the tires. The L82 is getting old and needs a refresh soon.

    I'm just used to all the idiots around me i guess that when they take their time like that, they usually light them up. great looking car though. I work with people who think they know what they want and try telling me exactly what to do. I really wish they'd just hand over the money and give me a basic idea of what they want and let my mind run free.

    Sounds like you're a happy customer though so thats great