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  1. haha, i was actually talking about Joanne's Fabric but my local one is small and geared more towards the clothing and blanket making people than anyone else.

    The local car audio place was trying to charge me $15 a yard by 36inches. I politely told them to shove it where the sun don't shine. Most of my carpeting is simple sub boxes so the rubber backed is what i would do for that but door pods and fiberglass boxes would be the less stretch. thanks for the info. keep up the work, don't see many mitsu getting systems around me

  2. not going to lie. i was half expecting him to do a huge burn out or something like that with the way the video was going haha. system looks great and sounded pretty darn good... minus the whole "save a horse" haha

  3. ya if you read the manual it calls for 70mm power cable... which is closer to 3/0 gauge....

    i will be using 4/0 cable all through out the car.... plus the amp will be sitting on the battery bank so the power and ground wire will be less than a foot long...

    I work with Ramrod and have wired up the stetsoms a few times. the 3/0 fit but was a very very tight fit. we had to try a few tricks to get them to fit. so, good luck with the wall, batteries and install. this amp will push those btls hard and clear. i'll be watching

  4. no offense but shipping would be a bi*** to michigan.

    I just got one shipped to MI. I dont know what they paid for shipping, but total price was not bad at all.

    I dont think I couldve got one locally for cheaper. At least not of the same quality.

    I'm doing double baffle, big box install this coming spring/summer and looking at 38 wide by about 40 long and 24-26 high depending on what subs. so, thats the issue. I'll just build it myself with ramrod like always and have fun making sawdust angels on the floor. lol

  5. A Michigan meet would be great but, probably be a better idea to post this somewhere else. Not a lot of people are cruising the SSA group. Ramrod, myself and a few of our buddies would happily meet up with you all somewhere. summer would probably be better so that everyone is home from school and such

  6. I agree, get the one amp. Easier to wire, better amp IMO and won't have to do any gain matching.

    Better to go with single amp setup.... Even though you DO NOT have to gain match when you strap the Sundown amps (Just an FYI)

    if he were buying two sundown amps, you would be correct. he was buying two vibe audio amps or 1 sundown.

    apparently the vibes are strappable. had no clue, never looked at them personally so. yes, it wouldn't be hard to tune by any means

  7. for ease of tuning, i say one amp. if you were to run two amps, you would need to make sure that each was putting out the same power because if not, one would be getting say 1500 watts and the other could be getting 1200. in the same chamber, this causes problems for the subs with cancellation and what not. So, go with the sundown. I'm not a huge fan of the company but its the better option.