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  1. funbogie

    Grasshopper's Hoe

    NICE looking wheels man. Big Pimpin for sure!!!
  2. funbogie

    1998 Chevrolet Silverado Z71

    vent length will be pic 2. Awsome truck man. That is going to look sick with the lift and tires!! Good luck with the build. I am tuned in
  3. funbogie

    Team SSA / Decent GEO SBN Video

    That is sick bro!~! i love those dust caps as well ABSOLUTE CARNAGE right there
  4. funbogie

    stefanhinote's volvo v40 build

    Everthing is looking great Stef. I am definately tuned in for the duration of this build!
  5. funbogie

    pics from Kicker Bash 2011

    great pics man - keep em coming. That hyabusa rear tire is just insane!!!!!!
  6. funbogie

    What is this sub box?

    Is it necessary to ensure that both ports are tuned equally, or is the point to have two differntly tuned ports within the same box
  7. funbogie

    First set up sub suggestions

    Good luck with your decision. I know that a first system is always a fun ride and a lot of thought is put into it. I really think that any of the subs that you have listed you are going to be really pleased with. I know you are leaning towards a single 15, but if i were you i would re-visit the dual 12" option and run the SAX-1200d. Look into the SA-12 or the SKAR VVX 12. You can get a great deal on 2 of those subs, and the current SKAR audio deal is two subs with a free dual 12 box. Just my .02 =- let us know what you decide to go with
  8. funbogie

    Sundown Audio Rebuild - Blowthru to WALKTHRU!!!!!

    Definately keeping an eye on this one for sure!!! this is going to be awsome and LOUD
  9. funbogie

    SA-15s in large Sealed box

    I use those same dayton posts that steph posted. I love them. They are so easy to use and the installation is neat an clean when finished. Just drill the hole suggested and tap her in.
  10. I have a honda civic and i put mine in the exact same place behind the kick panels. I could find no other location that would work and it has not been a problem at all!!
  11. funbogie

    Where to put subs? What would u do?

    I got nothing!! good luck with your build
  12. funbogie

    Headlights! - opinion needed

    Man i think i like the blue halo with the clear lens - but i think what would look really nice with your style would be a red halo with a clear lense - that would match the helmet nicely - do they make one with a red halo???? or maybe even a clear halo with a red lense - i am just not sure i like the blue with the red?? love the bike bro - sweet
  13. funbogie

    07 F250 HD

    i just read this thread from start to finish, and you did an incredible job. Awsome truck and awsome build!! the box looks great man.
  14. funbogie

    skar 12's

    I am running 750 watts RMS to one SKAR right now in a ported box with absolutely no problems.