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    Super legit seller! Bougbt the Fi SSD 18 he had for sale and from the start there was great communication. Shipped immediately and VERY secure! Better than Fi's packaging. Wouldnthesitate to deal with again!
  2. orlando144

    Crossfire XS-V2 18" D1

    Trade for top of the line Pioneer headunit? Pioneer Avic-Z1 http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/GPS-Navigation/AVIC-Z1
  3. Be there Sunday hopefully
  4. orlando144

    94' S10 blow-through single sundown ZV3

    Love those S-10's! Post a video up to see what she can do!
  5. orlando144

    FS - Sundown Audio SAE-1200D and FI SSD 18

    if only it was dual 1
  6. orlando144

    18" Fi SSD $200 shipped

    Payment sent
  7. orlando144

    18" Fi SSD $200 shipped

    175 shipped?
  8. orlando144

    18" Fi SSD $200 shipped

    Do you have any refs? is that the lowest you will go on the price?
  9. price shipped to 78702 for the sa-15?
  10. orlando144

    Um... a 750wrms 8"?

    Who cares if the company is following the market or not? The only to care should be Phantom Soundz and or other subwoofer making companies. Calling someone an idiot for not following the market is stupid. Sundown wasn't following the market when they decided to design the surround for the Zv4. But its Sundown right? It MUST work! If the neo 8 doesnt work out and the company fails then thats on THEM, but they gave it a shot and i aplaud for that for at least trying something slightly diferent.
  11. orlando144

    18 car audio questions! give em a try

    This shit cracks me up XD
  12. orlando144

    System/SPL scores when you were 18?

    I still help out alot of my friends with their systems as well without charging them. Earns more of a connection rather than just some audio shop relationship where they get your money and shove you out the door. Crazy to hear that decade old sub are still in use haha good stuff man!
  13. Sup SSA! Just wondering what other people had for systems or metered when they were 18. Vehichle, class/ organization competed in.. Any records, acomplishments,crazy things done or memories from systems or installs? Always interesting to hear of bassheads of my age/generation
  14. orlando144

    System/SPL scores when you were 18?

    Landing a job from giving demos? I wish it was like that for me haha
  15. orlando144

    System/SPL scores when you were 18?

    Cool! Love me some BL's! What did you have the setup in?
  16. orlando144

    Bass in freezing air

    Probably why batteries say "Cold cranking amps @32 digrees" or something like that?
  17. orlando144

    Car Audio PROBLEM!!

    Anyways.. This happened to my cousin.. He ran an amp that was drawing too much current and he was running 4 gauge CCA cable and a 100 amp fuse, the fuse never blew but the wire started melting. He got himself some 1/0 OFC and never had that problem again
  18. orlando144

    Car Audio PROBLEM!!

    The positive terminals i have connected to the bank of caps im running get warm. I have one run of 1/9 from the front battery to the caps then 2 runs of + to my amp. Both runs warm up.. Imagine if i was running smaller wire.. My truck would most likely catch on fire from wire melting and shorting on the floor
  19. orlando144

    System/SPL scores when you were 18?

    Yup! I was looking at pics of older DB Drag veichles and found it amazing the amount of work and equipment put in to get loud. 160's back in the days was world record range now its as high as 181+
  20. orlando144

    System/SPL scores when you were 18?

    Cool man! What veichle? Any pics?
  21. orlando144

    System/SPL scores when you were 18?

    Damm 154 sealed with 2 15's on that power! Never really understood how or why people say those stroker's got loud by seeing the spider takes up half the cone
  22. orlando144

    System/SPL scores when you were 18?

    Sucks to hear that.. My brother's 94 accord burned in front of my very eyes because of an accident.. Loved that car But yeah i love seeing people's expressions when they hear loud bass rollin by
  23. orlando144

    System/SPL scores when you were 18?

    A wall when you were 17? Nice! Crx's are good veichles to get loud in
  24. orlando144

    System/SPL scores when you were 18?

    Hahaha every teen cares about getting ass sometimes too much of it and things end up going wrong.. But your scores being the same is pretty badass! Not having to worry exact positioning and what not like I do