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    The Lemon's INTER-JOHN

    Wuss...don't matter if you are right and wrong...just matters that you are learning....I'm not informed any more than you are I choose to not make myself look a fool. Even though I am always correct. It's really disturbing to have a 176 IQ and stille be dumb. I cry every night.
  2. Tirefryr

    post your stories

    Hmm, well, I was first instroduced to SI through SIN and Lloyd's testing of one driver. Seems after that quite a few people jumped on the bandwagon and all I heard was nothing but hype for the Magnum, especially from Clarke! So me, being the optimist took everything with a grain of salt and was actually negatively biased towards the Magnum due to the sheer fact of all the hype. Then I get on this site one day and see a photo of the 15" version, and just HAD to have one. IT was very odd but something struck a nerve and I was hooked. Just on sight mind you. So now I figure I get to see what all the hype is about. The day of reckoning arrived when I was playing around with my 15, 4.2 cubes and 1200 watts. I won't articulate, but anyone who knows me knows I am a tough critic with a very hard to please ear. Needless to say, I don't believe I have had a more joyous set of ears since the day I heard my MAG!
  3. Tirefryr

    Interest in pre-ordering 8's?

    Anything else????!!!! Do tell!!! :boink:
  4. Tirefryr

    The Lemon's INTER-JOHN

    Interesting...... I have some theories, but will not share for I am of the uninformed variety... B)
  5. Hey shoot me some pics of the amp to kwik9550@comcast.net Did they tell you why it was not fixable or what exactly was wrong with it?
  6. Tirefryr

    Interest in pre-ordering 8's?

    OH yeah, will it handle power better than the RE8s? THey seem a little too tame for me. They lose control quite easily offf what I consider a little power. And who cares about efficiency?
  7. Tirefryr

    best SQ comps in 300 dollar range

    Email Nick about the 302s. $250
  8. Tirefryr

    New eD A's!!!

    I just saw a pic of them. I'm a little upset they aren't using a cast basket anymore. That cheesy one they have now is the same ones used on this crappy pair of Bazookz subs I had. Oh well, this should still perform none-the-less. The As are looking impressive.
  9. Tirefryr

    What size screws do you use?

    1/8 bit for the predrill 5/16" countersink #8x 1 5/8 drywall screws After all the glue is dried, I remove all screws and use wood putty on the holes.
  10. Tirefryr

    My New Toys

    Just the one battery and alt is enough for those bad boys????
  11. Tirefryr

    pics of a few things i have around my house

    WIsh I had some more money!!! Nice gear!
  12. Tirefryr

    Dont Delate

    Good choice on the tape!!! Where's the rest of the pics?? B)
  13. Tirefryr

    cloth or fleece?

    ME too, that's my current project for my buddy's Z, along with a fiberglass enclosure of the entire rear well...... I'll be smelling resin for weeks!
  14. Tirefryr

    Magnum 12" porn

    Then it wouldn't be a Clarke post!! Now someone send me a digital video cam so I can post some 15" vids. I'll reurn it, I promise........
  15. Tirefryr

    linear power TO3 +magnum

    You'll love it! I can't wait to get mine finished, although I'm running quite a bit less power than you! Post pics and let us know how it sounds. What are your enclosure specs BTW?
  16. Tirefryr

    mag 12 box

    Should be good to go. I know SI reccommends a little mix of Poly and FG so once you've done that, you should be golden. Let us know how you like it!
  17. Tirefryr


    Welcome!!! You won't be disappointed!
  18. Tirefryr

    linear power TO3 +magnum

    Lp is great product though. You can count on that amp to put out more power than they say. And they are like tanks.
  19. Tirefryr

    Camp Iggy goes to Camp Crown!!

    Great! And Breathtaking! Clean, smooth lines and excellent execution!!! Love how you made use of your available space!
  20. Tirefryr

    linear power TO3 +magnum

    IT's only stable in 1 ohm stereo, not mono.
  21. Tirefryr

    New eD A's!!!

    Aren't they making a 15K again?? I miss my old ones.
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  23. Tirefryr

    Audio Lover from LV

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  25. Tirefryr

    Magnum 12" porn

    Not bad...... Wish I could show you guys my 15 vid, but nope. I think it beats the 12 hands down. Now get to work on an 18, then a 22. Hell Rims get larger every week, why not subs??