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    low end comparison

    Density is the key in enclosure material. MDF is quite dense and inexpensive. If you are intent on using plywood, I would suggest birch ply for strength and density, but this is rather expensive, around $40 a sheet depending on location. Hence the widespread use of MDF.
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    Lets Represent

    The Infrasonic (subsonic) filter IS a high pass filter. Okay here is an example. You take your multi-channel amp and turn the high pass filter on. Let's say this filter is set at 80Hz. Now everything from there up will be heard through the drivers, but nothing below 80. The infrasonic is the same thing. It will block frequencies below a set point to avoid dmamging the driver. When you play a driver in a vented enclosure you run the risk of losing cone control if playing frequencies below the tuning. Now I have never had this problem with any driver just playing normal music. But that does not mean you will not. Test tones are a different story. I myself like to tune my enclosures as low as possible, so this is never really a problem for me, but a lot of the common pre-fab boxes are tuned rather high (35-40Hz), and you can damage the driver playing them below tuning. So, if you have a Magnum D2 in a 4 cube enclosure tuned to 30Hz, you would set your infrasonic around that point to avoid playing anything below 30. This is not something that is a necessity for all applications, but rather a precautionary measure. Now about that flux capacitor....................
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    Welcome!! You'll like it here! From another forum??
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    Holy Sh*T!!! Clarke has made a decision!!! Nice Sig!
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    Lets Represent

    An infrasonic filter (subsonic) is basically a high-pass filter that will block frequencies below a certain point much like any normal high-pass filter. The idea is to block frequencies below tuning to avoid unloading the driver.
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    Yes, for the time being, I will be just mounting to a baffle suspended below the deck. I may actually build a new deck at some point, but I hate to cut that much steel out. I started the car with IB in mind last year, but was going to use different drivers. The cabin and trunk have both been sealed completely already, so all I have to do is build the baffle, mount,and seal. good to go. I fell in love with IB 2 years ago when I had 4 Tempests in my attic. Now THAT is a good way to piss the neighbors off!
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    Good to hear. Only thing I'm worried about is power. Guess I'll just start out small and see how it does. Look for pics soon!
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    Lets Represent

    2 ohm DVC
  9. For $100 how could I say no?! Just waiting on the 12V PS now.
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    Just for Clark

    Man, they have molds of porn star's "stuff" on Ebay!!! And they come with lube!!! New toys for me!!
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    My Babies

    Sweet!!! and it only took my Computer a half-hour to open all the pics!! I've always loved the IROCs!
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    PICs of the GP

    Clean baby!! I like smooth and clean!! Is that Silver or white?
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    Pics of my rides...

    Man, I hate yellow, but it works for that! Nice rides!!! Got Boost??!!
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    Lets Represent

    Check it out homie!
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    Why can't the RE HC be in a sealed box?

    Just for fun, I plugged this puppy into BBpro6.0 and here's the graph. Now BassBox allows you to input the acoustic measurement of your vehicles interior which I have done which is why the graph looks the way it does. I would say with cabin gain, the lowend would be quite impressive. Orange line is a 3 cube sealed enclosure stuffed with polyfil. It has an in-car F3 of 5 Hz, and a QTC.508. Yellow line is a vented enclosure 3.35 cubes tuned to 24.66Hz with an in-car F3 of 8.4Hz. Not too bad on either enclosure if you ask me.
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    Just for Clark

    My "So I....." replies are simply my humorous addition to this lovely thread we've created. As for the EQ, it wasn't sitting under a bird's nest. The little bastards just crapped on it while flying by. SO I'm talking to Clarke last week and he told me he actually got some!!!! HOW's THAT for good humor??!! Sorry Clarke!
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    amp for D2 15''

    Well if it makes you feel any better, I had my A600 bench tested and it put out 864 watts at 4 with 13.2 volts input. they are well underrated. If you want more, find yourself an A1200 or a 2350AM.
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    amp for D2 15''

    The PPI Art Series are THE GREATEST AMPLIFIERS known to man!!! Don't argue with me anyone!! :boxin: :boxin:
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    Lets Represent

    Mine was, thanks Nick!!! Yeah, I'd like some stickers too. Where am I gonna put em though???
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    Just for Clark

    So I get home from work today and my EQ is sitting on the porch with a bunch of bird crap on it............
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    i must not be liked

    My Ex has some beads.................
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    Hello =)

    Uh-oh, here goes the Miata thing again. Man, I'd love to have one of those little things with RWD and a 4.6DOHC shoved between the shock towers!
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    took the plunge men.

    Ha, I had an 89 four banger stang that took a 150 shot to get into the 16s.
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    Member Titles/Ranks

    I like this guy!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee