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  1. Tirefryr

    i must not be liked

    And you've done a damn fine job sir!!!!
  2. Tirefryr

    Just for Clark

    So I'm walking down the street today and this old man is walkin his dog. He stops to converse with me and the dog starts peeing on his leg.
  3. Tirefryr

    i must not be liked

    I'm really glad I stumbled upon this place! My former home I really loved, then it seemed to turn into a pissing match in every thread, or a "my balls are bigger than yours" type thing.. Everyone here seems really koo and laid back. I like that! Not too technical, but if you need it, it's there.
  4. Tirefryr

    where can i go?

    You're just like myself. I could watch videos, get lessons from many experts, read every book in the world, etc..., etc...., and I could still not be any good at something. Once I get my hands on it though, it's a different story. If I were you, I would do a search on the web for various tutorials on whatever you plan to do, get yourself a starting point and a little understanding of the task at hand, and jump in head first and just start doin it. You will screw stuff up at first, but that's the best way to learn! Good luck and remember there are a lot of knowledgeable people here to assist you!! That's the fun in car audio!
  5. Tirefryr

    Where can i get plexi?

    Go o Usplastic.com They have awesome prices and a great selection!
  6. Tirefryr

    Hello =)

    Hey Cease!!! Welcome! See ya on SIN all the time. You'll like it here. It's kinda refreshing actually!
  7. Tirefryr

    12 or 15's?

    For Clarke's perspective, see my sig....
  8. Tirefryr

    12 or 15's?

    Depends on the hole, er I mean enclosure, I mean.............
  9. Tirefryr

    Cheap Super Subs

    Man, I've been in dire need of some info on the new Kodas forever! Tell Dan to hurry up!!!!
  10. Tirefryr

    12 or 15's?

    Where do people keep hearing the "15 is Slower than a 12" crap?
  11. Actually, the last year of the Art Series, they were available with built in corssovers. The model numbers were different, like A600.2X or something along those lines.
  12. I'll give ya a push............... Right in front of a speeding truck!!! Are you freakin serious???!!!!
  13. Tirefryr

    Just for Clark

    So, I was at the grocery store today when the beautiful girl walks up to me and says, "Hi, can you tell me where the crabs are?"
  14. Tirefryr

    Memphis LVS.....

  15. Tirefryr

    Just for Clark

    Queer Eye for the +1 guy: starring, Clarke as the Queer Eye! Notice the omission of the word HOMO. This is quite an interesting thread, don't you think?
  16. Tirefryr

    infinite baffel kicks for 6x9's.

    The only way to be IB is to isolate the front and back wave of the driver. If you just mount it there, assuming it is sealed up, essentially you will just have a small sealed enclosure.
  17. Tirefryr

    >>>>>Momentum Article Feb edition<<<<

    Nice article, well written, but you did have some misplaced words. Sorry, I'm a grammar freak! I have to agree with those that called it "hideous." It looks like a Titan with a cap on it that they tried to mold in. Not my cup of tea. I do like the Titans though.
  18. Tirefryr

    infinite baffel kicks for 6x9's.

    The only way you could get enough space behind the drivers to be considered IB would be to cut a hole leading into the fender. I wouldn't really mess with it, but that's just me. I love seeing new ideas implemented though, so if you go for it, post some pics and let us know how it sounds.
  19. Tirefryr

    Time to plan for the show car....

    Alright!!! Another Stang freak!!!!
  20. Tirefryr

    Since everyone else is.......

    Here's a nice quarter shot. Nice interior shot. The money shot!
  21. Tirefryr

    Magnum 15 review

    Sweet! All the good news I keep hearing about these is making me rather anxious. My first step into the SI world and it will be with 30" of FURY!
  22. Tirefryr

    Are kicker subs made in America?

    Toyota Tacoma. I found that out in an issue of Motor Trend. I just don't see how that can be though. There has to be at least 1 thing not 100% made in the USA. They didn't name any specifics on how they determined it, but it was quoted in there that the Tacoma is the only truck that is 100% made in the USA. I find it odd how the American manufacturers are moving production to other countries while the Japanese market is bringing the manufacturing to the States.
  23. Tirefryr

    Since everyone else is.......

    That wouldin't happen to be the Laser Red one they had with a stroked 4 valve would it? I love the look of that car. I never thought mine would look right without a wing until I removed it one day at the strip. Now I love the look. You worked for Motor Week???!!! I'm jealous!
  24. Tirefryr

    Since everyone else is.......

    Mods so far: FRPP stainless ceramic coated shorty headers MAC off road h-pipe Flowmaster American Thunder catback with polished stainless tips K&N FIPK Pro 5.0 shifter '99 Cobra wheels 4:10 rear gears Dallas Mustang Speedcal FRPP aluminum driveshaft Welded upper control arms Cobra R rear springs w/ 1 coil cut Autometer monster tach, air/fuel, oil pressure, water temp guages in guage pod UPR chromoly K-member UPR chromoly Tubular control arms UPR coil-over kit Offset urethane rack bushings Urethane contol arm bushings Front coil-overs Tokico Illumina 5 way adjustable shocks and struts Pro3i 4-bolt caster/camber plates Maximum Motorsports strut tower brace New front rotors EBC Green Stuff pads all around Mobil 1 synthetic oil, and filter every 3,000 miles. Mobil 1 synthetic gear oil GM Synchromesh tranny fluid As you can see, I haven't touched the motor yet. Trying to make the best use of the available power on hand. I the near future, I have plans for a 5L stroker and Twins! I bought some cams for it years ago, but I never installed them due to the crappy lash-caps you have to use for regrinds. Now that they have new grinds out, that will be coming too. I like clean simple lines, so the factory did all the work for me. I'm not into the body kits and all that. No flashy wheels for me. In fact, I'm in the process of getting a new decklid so I can get rid of the rear spoiler.
  25. Tirefryr

    Are kicker subs made in America?

    Re-read that Denim. I asked if anyone knew the only TRUCK produced 100% in the USA. And it's not from the Big 3(GM, Ford, Chrysler).