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  1. I don't see the point.  If you're bumpin, people know, so hiding them does nothing.


    ON the tint thing, that's also a sign for thieves.  Just like backing in tight to a building.  I've actually heard them mention this stuff. 

  2. 22 hours ago, jcarter1885 said:

    Ok one last question do I do it on the grounds in the trunk? Will I have to still spray paint over to reduce the metal from rusting in the areas I sanded the paint down? Or can I just cover it with a layer of this and be ok?


    Thanks man

    You can do it either way. 

  3. You just need a light layer.  It won't dry up.  It's basically just grease.  It will attract dirt obviously, but will keep any corrosion at bay.  I literally buy small paintbrushes from the dollar store, like water paint brushes, and use that to apply between the metal and the terminal and then I'll lightly coat over the terminal itself so it doesn't corrode.

  4. Not on this.  I have to pull the entire assembly out, then the wiring harness, then remove a sealed panel, then work the lamp out, and reverse all that.  IT's pretty stupid, but it's probably the most involved part of the car to work on.  The rear airbags literally take 5 minutes to change.  A major part of the suspension is a 5 minute job while a lamp takes a couple hours. 

  5. Ironically, I spent today tearing apart an old headlight I had downstairs.  My DS low beam went out and it's $30 for a replacement lamp.  WTF?   It's just a standard halogen lamp.  I remembered I had a headlight downstairs from a car I parted several years ago. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, Aaron Clinton said:

    A guy on YouTube with an amp dyno. 

    I don't pay attention to the dyno stuff; I watch them, to find out about different products, but I understand the "validity" of the dyno.  Love the old school videos though.  There's a couple guys on there with some good old school stuff.