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  1. OMG, prices are SO stupid for everything now!  I looked at a '19 Civic Si with 6K miles and they wanted $29K.  Sticker on the car was $27!  I see people asking $2K for non-running cars.  Just nuts!

    I could use a new truck, so I priced out an XL F150 today.  It's the lowest model, doesn't even have power windows, locks, or cruise.  It was $40K.

  2. 33 minutes ago, ///M5 said:

    My POS Cadillac has been through hell and back and outside of owner influenced troubles has only had the cruise control and the heated seat break.

    Alternatives are BMW M5, Mercedes E63, and the Lexus GS F.  Was going to go electric, but the MachE isn't much better than the pos Tesla's so I gave up that notion.  The Lexus is too slow and adding a supercharger to it probably takes that lovely reliability and kicks it out the window.  It's infotainment system is nonsense as well.  The laundry list of things that go wrong on the Germans on the forums is a mile long.  The CTS-V somewhat minimal...

    I am scared of it though, because Cadillac.

    I know a couple people with CTSs.  Two with sedans, and one has a coupe.  IMO, they don't age well.  The leather is cheap and cracks quickly and easily.  I honestly don't even think it's leather.  All have stupid issues, like door latch and striker issues.  Every single one of them.  The guy with the Coupe replaces tires every 1.5 years.  He's had it aligned 3 times in 5 years and it still just chews the outside fronts to bits.  Every single one of them has had the CUE screen replaced.  Even the cheapest shocks on these things are $300 per shock.  Just stating what I've experienced.   This is the reason I'm not driving an ATS coupe.  I absolutely LOVE those cars, but I work on cars and I'd never buy one. 


    Stating that, everything I buy is based on my work with cars.  I love Audis, but they are a pain in the ass to work on, so I'll never buy one.  I'm super familiar with Ford, so that is the bulk of what I buy.  If I had to pick out of any of them, It would be the Lexus, especially since it being "too slow," will only be noticed on the track,  I know it's lacking in torque, but it's so negligible on the street, and IMO, it's just such a different car to the Germans there's really no point in even comparing them. 

  3. 50 minutes ago, dem beats said:

    Sounds brutal. What are you rehabbing, if you don't mind talking about it. 


    My last PT session the taught me the"shotgun" exercise and it made me grown man cry. I was laughing about it but fuck the tears were building up FAST.  Really humbling.

    I had arthroscopic on my shoulder.  IT was quite effed up.

  4. I'm on week 6 of PT and they have really been pushing my stretching this week.  I've been cruising through thinking this is easy, and then they just opened up the flood gates and ran with it.  I did not expect this level of pain. 

  5. As for Planet Audio, they are a "budget" company and being owned by Boss just makes that even worse.   No way around it.  Searching the net, I can find that amplifier for anywhere from $150-$180.  This is super cheap, especially for a 5 channel amp.  I am not knocking it, just stating facts.  I have used several cheap 5 channel amps from China and they all have had discrepancies in the manual.  It's just the norm with this stuff.

  6. The Sony manual on their website shows both red and white RCAs used for the sub output.  As with 99% of amplifiers on the market, the two stereo signals and then internally summed in the amplifier to output a mono signal. 

    I'm still lost on your harness issues though.  If you're powering the speakers via the Planet Audio amplifier, then the speaker wire from the amp gets hooked into the speakers.  If you previously had them powered by the internal amp of the headunit, you need to disconnect them from the headunit and then you can hook the wires from the amp back into the wires that terminate at the speakers.  The headunit is simply using the RCA cables to send a signal to the amp, then the amp outputs that signal directly into the speakers, so you no longer need the speaker wires coming from the headunit hooked up to anything. 

    Wait, wait, wait. . .   I see the amp has high level inputs as well.  IS this what you are talking about?  You are using the RCA outputs from the headunit into the amp AND the high level plugs on the amp as well?  If that is the case, simply unplug the high level inputs.  Those are for headunits that do not have RCA outputs.

    As for the midranges in the dash, since you already have a passive crossover network on them, simply hook them into the front channels of the amp along with the door speakers in parallel.

  7. So, the sub RCA outputs from the head unit are indeed stereo.  The one you have labeled as "unidentified" above should be the white RCA and obviously the red is the red.  That's how it's shown in the manual, in Sony photos, and I have two Sony headunits that are setup the same way. 


    I don't quite understand what you're asking in regards to the speakers.  You state they are hooked up to the headunit, but you have a 5 channel amp, so why are you not powering them with the amplifier versus the headunit?


    GO with the terminal labeling on the amp itself.  Manuals are often screwed up, especially with budget brands.   Even if it's wrong, all you have to do is swap the 4 speaker wires, or two RCA plugs.

  8. 46 minutes ago, j-roadtatts said:

    We can only hope it blows up!

    Would prefer to be swapping in an AOD, but funds are directed elsewhere currently. 

    The C4 is stronger than the AOD.  Just missing OD.  I'd find a 2WD Explorer or Mountaineer with the 5.0 and snatch the 4R70W out of that with a trans controller.   Far more stout than the AOD with the ability to cobtrol shifts and converter lockup.

  9. 4 minutes ago, ///M5 said:

    I know...but aren't they all "the same"?  ie, my gut tells me these are all the same exact board with a different screen/faceplate.  Makes me want to buy the $60 one.


    NO idea.  I'd try it at $60.

  10. 17 minutes ago, Tirefryr said:

    I think JBL/Parrot made one too.