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  1. Hey guys i am wondering what battery to order for my system pretty soon. i have a 2001 gmc sierra 4.8L in it i will have two level 4 dc M2's running off of a DC 3.5k and i am wondering if i should get one of these http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/xs-power-d3400-12v-agm-battery-max-amps-3300a-4000w.html or a optima or something. The XS seems like it would be more powerful. Any opinions?
  2. ViperC

    My new toys and Box help..

    I am powering it with a DC 3.5k
  3. ViperC

    My new toys and Box help..

    well do you guys have any ideas on how big to make the port and everything i am having a lot of troubles with trying to figure this all out. if anyone wants the max measurements here they are. please let me know if you can help i just need help with size and how to build the port. L=60 H=20 Depth at bottom= 14 Depth at top 4icnhes s
  4. ViperC

    My new toys and Box help..

    any ideas anyone?
  5. ViperC

    My new toys and Box help..

    DC Level 4s 10s
  6. Well here are my two new babys i cant wait to get my alternator and battery to get this things up and running also my amp. I am having trouble with the box though i have been told my box is too big or my port is too small and ned help getting it done correctly. here are some plans i had with the box and the subs and some pics of the beasts. If anyone can give me some ideas for the box i would really appreciate it.
  7. ViperC


    Or can i run the box all the way behind and put the ports in the middle of the box how will i do the inside of the box with the angles? any ideas?
  8. Hey guys i would fist off like to say thank you for the big 3 help. i have all the parts but the wire and am getting ready to start it, The subs i will be getting will be two 10 inch FI SSDs with cooling, and amp i am not sure yet but might go with a new crescendo amp SSA now sells. also getting a second battery down the road. Well the question is do i port the box or not? I have the space to do it and i was going to do the port out of the top of the question is what do i do inside the box here is what its going to look like and it will be the same on the other side too. any help will be great
  9. ViperC

    Big 3 problems and Questions.

    And just to make it clear i am not removing old wire? i am just adding to it?
  10. ViperC

    Big 3 problems and Questions.

    I am having trouble finding a distribution block that will let me go zero gauge in to one zero gauge out with a four gauge out too. please let me know if you find any will this work http://www.amazon.com/Tsunami-DB8021-Ground-Block-Gauge/dp/B003YL40PS/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top
  11. ViperC

    Big 3 problems and Questions.

    http://www.amazon.com/DB-Link-ANLFH01-0-Gauge-Holder/dp/B0002NRIKA/ref=lh_ni_t_mi Here is the fuze holder
  12. Well I am having questions about the big 3 upgrade and running into some problems. I will soon be running Two Level 3 DC 10s in my truck on a DC 2k or a crescendo 2k. Okay where to start Here is the list of things i am going to get for the upgrade if you guys know of any better things or better prices please let me know. http://www.amazon.co...=A3J1PF183V710G http://www.amazon.co...4163658&sr=1-16 http://www.amazon.co...4163658&sr=1-16 http://www.amazon.co...cp_ob_e_title_2 And i am missing a few items i will have pictures of them if you guys could tell me where to get them and the size. first off here is a picture i have a question with Can i attach the terminal on top of the previous one i have right there the stock red one or do i have to get a different terminal? OR could i possible get aways with two simple ring terminals where that old one is? What would be best what should i do? Next Picture and question is where can i get this one of my buddies gave me it and i can't find out where to get it and what size it is. NExt question is i have a ground going off the negative of the battery and under the engine block i believe and i am wondering if i should run my new zero gauge where that is going or make a new connection on another spot and take that wire out? seen in this picture Next picture is is a little red box that gets power from the positive of the battery and houses power to my alternator and then runs down underneath my engine and i don't know where it goes because my truck is so low i can't get underneath and am wondering if anyone has a idea where it goes and if i should get rid of the box and just run wire everywhere or keep the box and use it for the zero gauge. Also i am wondering what size ring terminal is best for the alternator i am having trouble finding a small enough one. And with the alternator some people are saying put a fuze on the line going from the positive of your battery to the alternator i am wondering if i should do that or is it not necessary? And the last question here is a pic of my distribution block i believe and it splits the power from my sub amp to my mids and high amp and i am wondering where can i get one that will work with my zero gauge? also my mids and high amp only allows eight gauge is there a block that can allow a 0 gauge output and 8 gauge output. sorry if its confusing here is a pic of it right now i can explain more if you have questions. and last last question on the positive going back to my amp how far away should my fuze be? and will i need any more in other places? well thanks for going through this long question i just want to make sure its right i do it all right i want to do it myself because i want to learn how to do it. i will reply if you guys have any more questions and please let me know if i am missing anything.! Thanks -Cole
  13. ViperC

    It's official... DO NOT USE FedEx! Proof inside

    i am sure he still has a job lol
  14. ViperC

    Next Outrageous Deal | 12-15-2011

    i will be waiting i have been up these past 2 days waiting for my chance hope i can get something
  15. ViperC

    Big Question!

    i can't seem to find the BC2000 do they cary it any more?