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    Which amp is right for my NVX Components

    Either amp will do ya just fine. I have two of the v series component sets and put them on polk 600.4 and it sounds great. Also got 4 of these for a customer and he put them on an old 300w Rockford 4ch and they aound just as good. On "less" power.
  2. Infinite913

    (2) Fi BTL 15" - 15000 watts in the trunk

    Ya its 9 degrees here and i have to gut and rebuild mine so im with ya homie.
  3. Infinite913

    (2) Fi BTL 15" - 15000 watts in the trunk

    Nice tuned in for rest of port update. I did an install similar to this for a customer but we did aero ports definetly excited to see what you pull off. Also that bracing though so sek C
  4. Infinite913

    Various car audio for sale

    I been Google drive for a while now and honestly love it. Photo bucket was the way to go for a while but change is not always for the better. But back to the for sale thread.....Godsmack(Jordan) is a great guy if your looking to buy he is legit imo.
  5. Infinite913

    Recone Help

    It's hard for us to know what will fit the woofer motor because of gap and all the other jazz that is taken into consideration. If you would like to PM me I can help get you on the right path without promoting other companies that don't pay for support here at SSA. Now with that being said sell your motors and recone and jump on some SSA woofers!
  6. Infinite913

    SSA at the Ruckus & Chill 2016 Show

    Looks like you had a blast! Wish I could of been there but I'm not local enough.
  7. Infinite913

    2~15" Icon's Build

    Great now everyone knows my government name.
  8. Infinite913

    2~15" Icon's Build

    Looks Sek C
  9. Infinite913

    2~15" Icon's Build

    I loved my 8 18 icons doing 157.9 at 36hz on 6500rms. Jay c and I are working on a project together and it may just be EVIL..........
  10. Infinite913

    230 DCV Car Audio Build

    Bro ur builds are cheezy..........
  11. Infinite913

    can this forum handle another Camaro build log? V.3.0

    So Sek C!!!!!!!
  12. Infinite913

    EVIL Tahoe | Mark's SSA DEMO MACHINE **new pics p8**

    This still a build? Would love update pics
  13. Infinite913

    Hey! I'm back :) I missed the forum and all of you.

    Just irony someone goes to prison to get on the straight. Never got to talk to ya but did enjoy ur build log. Welcome back and stay outta trouble.
  14. Infinite913

    Happy BIG 40 Nem!!

    Nem happy birthday fam.
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  16. Infinite913

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

  17. Infinite913

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Sup yo
  18. Well someone better spill the beans. I keep checking back for updates bruh!
  19. Infinite913

    SLOW build on a 2001 GMC Jimmy

    Fuggin win!
  20. Let's go already its been a whole weekend since this build log started.
  21. Infinite913

    EVIL Tahoe | Mark's SSA DEMO MACHINE **new pics p8**

    Pay my gas and put me in a room not that far from ya and ill provide free labor and all my expertise. So super geeked to see the updates.