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    Going from sundown zv5 to find btl neo

    Andyz get rid of the sundown. Pick up a zcon and all your problems will diminish. Sundown is made for the ugly scene of low and throw. If you are any kind of an audio head than sundown wont take you there. If you want to hear quality reporduction of your bass and get the most out of your money then zcon or evil will take you there. I have had every subwoofer from ssa and you cant go wrong with any choice. I currently own 4 Fi team 18s so my suggestion for ssa is not a complete bias one. But ill say this I only run Fi or SSA. The quality of both product and customer service is astounding.
  2. Infinite913

    Help with Pa system for a bus

    Hey fellas, not sure where to post this so here it is. I have a bus we drive for church on Wednesday's and we got a bunch of rowdy kids(saginaw area) so i installed a radio on the bus and we have a CB style mic but its not powered so as you all know the signal it sends isnt strong enough to amplify to make it audible. So my question is do any of you guys know an easy fix for this? Like a mic that is self powered or what not? Any help or direction would be great. 35 rowdy kids imma end up with no voice.
  3. Infinite913

    Ford ranger blow through

    Bro is that grass. So jealous right now!
  4. Infinite913

    Which glue for a recone?

    If you can find a hobby shop local they should have CA glue
  5. Infinite913

    SSA F8L 8" Enclosure Build

    Since its been 25 mins since last asked. Hows it sound man? Looks great!
  6. Infinite913

    SSA 1969 Firebird

    Nem!!!!! I have been waiting for these pics! Killer pods!
  7. Infinite913

    Boom sonic

    Awesome man. Happy for ya.
  8. Infinite913

    08 escalade esv 4 sp4 18s on 20k no wall

    I got 2 with bussbars that brings the 2 together as 1. You can PM me if interested.
  9. Infinite913

    08 escalade esv 4 sp4 18s on 20k no wall

    I got some sms480s up here if he needs em.
  10. Infinite913

    Ssa evil 12s finally arrived

    Looks fun bruh.
  11. Ok so your wanting to stay with factory radio and you are running line out converters to get signal to your amps? Which right now you have 1 mono and thats it? From the video that piece you were asking about looks like a line out converter. It also looks as if they tagged into your rear speakers for the signal and ran the wires forward. Hard to tell. I cant tell too much but it looks as if your factory harness is intact and that they just tagged in and added lineout. I may be wrong but from what i could see this is what i can share.
  12. You cant go back to "factory" without all factory pieces. Is there an issue with your radio and the way they jimmy rigged it into factory harness? Sometimes even though its not right it may be best to leave it be.
  13. Infinite913

    Yukon XL rear fill speakers

    I feel that your going above and beyond to remedy a simple solution. Want music in the back for work grab one of them boom tubes and bluetooth to it be done. We want to help you spend smart money and to make the most of it. Rear speakers in any capacity are meh. Or as you stated simply grab some exterior and make a tailgate box. Other than that your same theory for the front speakers is the same problem with the rear. The sound has to travel over the seat through the cargo area. Any speakers past the b pillar is just meh. Focus on your front and you will be happy even in the back sanding down a door cause its a sticky open\close. And throw some good pillar action and you will love life.
  14. Infinite913

    08 escalade esv 4 sp4 18s on 20k no wall

    Sign the dust bro!
  15. Infinite913

    Yukon XL rear fill speakers

    Alton nailed it right on the head. I own 2003 yukon xl and i initially thought what about my rear passengers but i opted to listen to the suggestions and built a rocking front stage. I loved it and you could hear it plenty in the back. So my vote would be rock the front and run it hard.
  16. Infinite913

    3 8” Under seat Box build for Silverado crew cab.

    The silverado. You showed us a grill and a rim. Come on bro give us more than the tip.
  17. Infinite913

    3 8” Under seat Box build for Silverado crew cab.

    This is not said photo
  18. Infinite913

    08 escalade esv 4 sp4 18s on 20k no wall

    Id love a photo of said store.
  19. Infinite913

    08 escalade esv 4 sp4 18s on 20k no wall

    Its all about them Husky trash bags bruh. The tru bizniz!
  20. Infinite913

    08 escalade esv 4 sp4 18s on 20k no wall

    Out with the old already lets see the new!!!!!!
  21. Infinite913

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I make a butter spread with salt pepper and you guessed it butter. I rub it under the skin and inject some into the thicker meats. Then smoke it in the smoker for X amount of hours. I say X amount because based on size of turkey and heat of smoker. Then pull it out let it cool while covered and place in refrigerator overnight. Next day add water to pan for gravy and cover back up place in oven 350 for 2to3 hours and and its ready to serve. And then you strain the drippings and you get some bomb tasting smoked gravy.
  22. Infinite913

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Love the scripture above the reading nook. Btw if only we knew where to find the greatest car audio site in the world....... Merry Christmas to the greatest audio family on the webz!
  23. Infinite913

    3 8” Under seat Box build for Silverado crew cab.

    Its overnight lol hows it sound
  24. Infinite913

    Jeep Renegade build (Fi Alpha V2 15)

    This going back in the car or sitting as a beautiful house decor for a man cave? Lets see it in the whip and some action shots.