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    Boom sonic

    Welcome to SSA my friend.
  2. Infinite913

    05 sable 2 zcon 18s on 10k in b-pillar walll

    Nice bro!
  3. Infinite913

    05 sable 2 zcon 18s on 10k in b-pillar walll

    Well did they fit?
  4. Love the bare metal roof.
  5. Infinite913


    Welcome to SSA! Yes please search before posting questions. Many things have been answered over the years and we have a nice collection of information. You may ask us anything as long as we see your willing to put in some effort. Were not here to tell you how to run your system. We are here to help you make the most of your purchase.
  6. We will always try to put you on the right path. Its hard because a lot of things are preference based but we will give you as much info to help you figure out your system. Glad its better for you Travis!
  7. Turn em all the way up and put the pedal to the floor . LOL but Alton nailed it in his posts. Not much to add.
  8. Infinite913

    Enclosure reccomendations for a single Zv4 15

    Please dont come here and revive a thread from 2013 and then recommend for them to go to another site. We have designers and builders here on SSA. We appreciate you trying to help out but we like to help out our forum members properly and take care of what we can in house.
  9. Run a switch and cut the power yourself as a 2nd but im with tire if no face to draw power it shouldnt.
  10. No. If the radio fuse is bad it wont work at all because the connection isnt being completed. The fuse in reference is your vehicle remote turn on for the radio. What we are saying is you are bypassing the vehicle "remote/key on" wire and giving it direct access to power. So basically either your fuse in the car went or you need to perform an exorcism on your car and radio.
  11. Then you may want to learn the difference between active and passive. You are describing passive but wanting active. These guys on here will definetly steer you in the right direction but they need specific info from you. So if they make a request or need more info its so they can help proper.
  12. Infinite913


    Hi Sonnie and welcome to SSA we ask that you post a tag with your items Stating the date and your SSA username and SSA logo. We appreciate the honesty of your post. Good luck with your sale.
  13. Infinite913

    Amp imput

    I love the soggy bottom lol all that orange makes it almost 2 tone. My kon getting the same way. Michigan winters and salt are so good for the car........
  14. Infinite913

    05 sable 2 zcon 18s on 10k in b-pillar walll

    Stick with 2 go optimal. Have fun with it man. Dont shove it in there. Plan and execute. Looks good so far.
  15. The blue transpo is built to control one alt and i bet most people that spoke against had 1 regulator running multiple alts. I say stick to 12v and secure your battery bank. Once you get stable voltage and can hold it steady it will make a world of difference. For what it would cost to convert to 16 volt just add more batt bank for 12v and be better off.
  16. Run 1 12 icon in a 4th order 2:1 ratio. Best of both worlds. I can speak for the icon and say it is one of the best subs i have ever heard. I loved it so much i put 8 18s in an astro. I should mention I have had every ssa sub from dcon to evil. I have had dss ethos, jl w7, psi,nvx, american bass, pioneer, Sony, DC, RE and Fi. There is just something about the icon that outshines all them other subs with its heavenly bass.
  17. Infinite913

    smelly sundown normal or not

    We had a squeek like issue with the zv4 18s and a slight smell but never got "hot" according to the lazer gun. Have you put your hand on the dustcap or cone area to check heat. As M5 said earlier your senses are your best weapon. Smell is typically the last warning you get. Listen while you play those songs and check for any stress noises. And place your hand on the cap it can be warm as it will create heat but use your noggin for too hot. Also the music you have may not be a clean signal aswell. Is it modded music?
  18. Infinite913

    smelly sundown normal or not

    Is it burning coil or just warming glue? You should never have a burning smell but i have seen systems where the build house got glue on a coil and as it got warm it stunk. I am not a fan of sundown so i dont want to speak from a bias standpoint but you may want to scope the sub. I had issues with rust on motors on 2 zv4 18s that a customer had.
  19. Infinite913

    Buddy's 08 tahoe.

    Seems like fun. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Infinite913

    Introducing the all new SSA F8L 8" Subwoofer.

    Hey A A Ron whats the displacement on these?
  21. Infinite913

    2002 Ford F-150 Super Crew

  22. Infinite913

    SSA Evil 18 Help

    Who makes the alt and have you clamped it for accurate power? Ebay 250 amp needs to be at like 6k rpm to reach it. Just want to make sure you got stout power supplier.
  23. Infinite913

    Happy Birthday Neal

  24. Infinite913

    SSA Evil 18 Help

    I seen them knobs on the pic and this poor man has the pedal to the metal and wondering why the gears wont change. We will take care of you boss and make sure that the beautiful piece of art you purchased will be playing to its full capability. Please share enclosure specs with us. LxWxH and port length and dimensions aswell. Since you shared pic of amp maybe pic of box aswell? Also your voltage at half ohm is taking a beating. Whats your volts stay steady at while you were playing?
  25. As a side note when i had the 8 18 icons i had two soundstream 6500s that i was running at 16volt and the difference from 14 to 16 was noticeable...... On my pockets. It was such a hassle if its going to be a daily then the KISS method is what to follow. When you mix 14 and 16 and drive it daily it turnz fugly.