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  1. ya I got the SAZ3k now and If I have to strap then thats what I have to do but i was trying not to STRAP!!!! Whats ur take on .5 ohm with RD D9 it will do 6k?
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    My introduction to SSA

    Welcome man! I came to the forums went with SSA product from a BTL and LOVE IT! SSA are great people and just make sure you read the rules because we are STICLARS!
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    TeamRamRods SSA JIMMY Build Log

    honestly man I dont know when he got his so it would be hard to say but it really doesnt matter. but what does matter is he was smart enough to step up to the ZCON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Infinite913

    TeamRamRods SSA JIMMY Build Log

    150+ yards and they had to come out and see what was making the walls in there store move! THANK YOU ZCON!
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    what does it take to get 150dB @ 25Hz?

    +1 +1 +1
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    5 to 10 MPH my A$$

    I would have to say at lease 20-25mph....was he turning a corner? or was it a straight away? cause grand prix's are front wheel if im thinking correctly. so he may have pulled it into the curb trying to give it gas to get away and had him slide smoother into the curb so there is a chance he was only doing 10....but not 5 thats like walking!
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    AYO! My name is in blue mutha truckas!!

    Usually your sister but sometimes your mom. Just playin I was all into this until you brought my girls into this right SHOGEN......(he walked in on us one time.....*AKWARD*.....)
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    ATTN: Scott

  9. Infinite913

    Something Crazy is going on with my ZCON!!!!!!

    he's already talking to us about walling off his other car with 4 more ZCONs *droool with gurgleeee* mmmmm 4 more zcons.....
  10. okay here is the deal I have the zcon 18" in a 7 cubic box tuned to 33hz and I am pushing this woofer with a SAZ3K. The gain is put to match the radio and I have it tuned accordingly. Every Time I turn my radio up to full tilt the MASSIVE BOOM COMES FROM THE BACK! I dont know what it is but it is pushing a ridiculous amount of AIR through out my car and is making all the cars within a 7 car radius very upset with me. But thats only where the problem starts. The OUTPUT on this woofer with 3k is just so PURE my ears almost cant handle it. but the problem doesnt even start there!!!! HERE IS THE PROBLEM! THIS WOOFER LOOKED AT ME TODAY AND SAID I WANT I DIDNT KNOW THEY COULD TALK! I MEAN I SEEN THE VIDEO where the JL AUDIO 8 COST A WOPPING $499.95!!!!!!!! I FELL IN LOVE WITH MY WOOFER AND LEFT MY FAMILY! I NOW LIVE IN A 10 cubic BOX IN THE VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!
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    TeamRamRods SSA JIMMY Build Log

    Txt me let me know when ur free!
  12. Infinite913

    Something Crazy is going on with my ZCON!!!!!!

    Longer videos are HARD but I will try and YES I will have a WINDSHIELD FLEX FOR YA SOON!
  13. Infinite913

    Something Crazy is going on with my ZCON!!!!!!

    Im also taking up song requests and video style requests! you tell me what you want to SEE!
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    TeamRamRods SSA JIMMY Build Log

    who else agrees its time for this guy to do some more VIDEOS!
  15. Infinite913

    2 18's in the accord

  16. Infinite913

    Havasufreak Build Log

  17. I had my brz2100 and I loved it but no matter what it is what it is for the money..... is what you will search for after this amp * went to the sundown 3k after i had mine*
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    TeamRamRods SSA JIMMY Build Log

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    right now 3k.....WAIT FOR THE MALIBOOM!
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    4 ZCON 18"s, fresh out of the box

    still unsure as these are not broken in. so far, I can say this, they are the hardest hitting sub we've made to date That shiz was just DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait till they break in MMMMMMMM SO SEXY!!!!!!!!! I LEFT MY WIFE!!!! FOR MY TRUCK ;-) I know right I give it a 10 a PUCKIN 10!
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    and Ill tell you what....if hove isnt available I am............ I was just at frankenmuth yesterday and today....... Send either of us a PM we do free demos....you just gotta pay for gas if we gotta drive!
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    TeamRamRods SSA JIMMY Build Log

    its not the shop your thinkin, hes a stereotypical arab.....its a cell phone shop, he also works part time at a party store, as well as a gas station! GO ALKITA!
  23. Infinite913

    TeamRamRods SSA JIMMY Build Log

    You should LEARN TO SWALLOW