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    Yukonvict XL overhaul!

    Hmmm battery bank........
  2. Infinite913

    Yukonvict XL overhaul!

    Some cuts!
  3. Infinite913

    Yukonvict XL overhaul!

    No flex zone!
  4. Infinite913

    amp help?

    I think he is referring to thr ring mark left on the seats from the woofers. Meaning the woofers are touching the seat before excursion of any kind.
  5. By chance do you know if the subs are dual voice coil or single voice coil? This will help us know what your final impedance will be and what amp would best fit your needs. Just in case you arent sure how to tell voice coil count how many positives and negatives does each woofer have. Welcome to SSA!
  6. Infinite913

    New looking for ideas

    Well what are you willing to spend? What all are you wanting to replace? Are you sticking with factory radio or replacing? Are you want sq or spl? Will you be adding runs of speaker wire and bypassing factory wire or are you going to try and sneak into the factory wires and just swap speakers. We would love to help point you in the best direction we just need a little info on your end. And also pics of said raptor because forum rules are pics or didnt happen. Other than that welcome to SSA!
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    Yukonvict XL overhaul!

  8. Infinite913

    Just got my 2 18 in Zcons

    Welcome brian. The zcon 18 was how i got introduced to ssa and years later i still haven't left. Mark and Aaron go above and beyond for their customers and i am proud to be on there forum and talk closely with these guys. Any questions or concerns we are here to help!
  9. Infinite913

    Happy Birthday David

    Appreciate it fellas!
  10. Infinite913

    Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    I understand putting people on timeout for swearing and misusing our good community forum but i think putting him on timeout because he quoted a funny scene from a movie is kinda lame. I can say as an anchored member that a lot of what billy says gets taken out of the context he says it in. And M5 has been just as much in billy crap as billy been in his. Just like back a few pages when M5 asked him to inform us how he added depth to front stage and he did and yet got a sarcastic answer. To be honest the way billy is being treated on the forum by people that can just ignore him kinda makes me not want to be apart of this community. I wish we all could have learned something from kryptonitewhite and his suicide that sometimes people just come off wrong or misguided and try to help when there methods and ways arent practical or the way we would do it. As i said before if this is what this forum has come to then this sucks. I barely see any updated posts anymore and only thing staying active is this weak thread dissing another member because of his different ways and viewpoints. And before someone says i haven't read all billy posts and he is an idiot in the things he says just remember you dont know everything you could know and we are all here to learn from one another even if its what not to do.
  11. Infinite913


    Your welcome man!
  12. Welcome good sir ask any questions that you need help with. Place it in the correct category and our community will do the best to get you headed down the right path. Other than that would love to hear more about your current setup and vehicle.
  13. Infinite913

    Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    I like how this got me two positive rep points and yet my comment sits at zero. I guess there really are some trolls in here. If you guys dont get over it and just move on then SSA forum will be just like the others and i thought we pride ourselves on being a forum that's here to help. And ya Billy we look forward to some pictures man. And if you need any help posting you can shoot me a message and ill help you post them.
  14. Infinite913

    Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    There you go billy Jack that was a very fair response and it sounds like you were able to utilize what you had on hand in order to gain more depth in your soundstage. Ya get you some subs in there man and enjoy your money spent.
  15. Infinite913

    Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    There are all sorts of different options for subs out there but it seems you try to rip every company apart for some reason or another. Depending on what type of budget you have, what size subs you have and what kind of space youe working with in the cruze. Most of the cheap subs are going to give you the same result depending on your abuse. And for you to go through and troll everyone else on SSA as bad guys take a look at the whole situation. Im not saying one was right and one was wrong but im going to say what i was taught its better to be the bigger man and walk away. Dont feed into the crap. If you want to say your piece then do it but its the internet and people will find a way to disagree. A lot of the info you spill isnt backed by any facts or proof. And as for the ofc cca wire debacle cca will fail period. Its sold because there will always be a person wanting to be cheap and save money. But risk vs reward is not there when cca fails. Yea you can run 2 cca for price of 1 ofc but the safety you get is there all day long. You can get a good look at a tbone by sticking your head up the bulls rear but wouldnt you rather take the butchers word for it.
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  17. Infinite913

    Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    Billy i want to start by saying this some of the stuff you say is very opionated and never backed by actual proof. You remind me of spiderman trying to be a reporter. You make up your own stories and fill in all the pretty details with nonsense gobbly gook. Ssa is filled with people as myself that want to see other bassheads succeed. Other sites may have poor filters and get spammed with garbage salesman pushing there product but i have been with SSA since 2010 and i can proudly say that i have never felt one brand pushed over another by anyone on the forums. Shoot ive even had other reps who are clearly reps help me with competitor product when they could. I am doing this write up because i feel the guests and noobs we have that come through here may read some of your wild accusations and hold them as truth. So please before you post zny further non sense post some references so your stuff can hold ground as factual. As for M5 i had a run in with him when i first hit this forum because i mistook his opinions and some of his words arent exactly worded to be user friendly but were worded so the factual information was coming across. But to this day i will glady stand behind many of the things he states and claims because ive learned who he is and what he wants. As far as that jay c character he has a level 2 support symbol showing that he paid money for SSA and isnt using the free forum as we are. He gains nothing but respect and some inbox space and that cool supporter logo. Aaron very good write up response and done very professional. Sorry for long write up boys but I LOVE SSA!
  18. Infinite913

    Fi Q 18 Upgrade

    This is truth. Box design could help alter what your hearing currently and gain some different frequency response but ultimately its what kinda gains your wanting to see.
  19. Infinite913

    2001 Civic SDA3 12's 8k

    I got a buddy here with 2 soundrive 15s v1 in a no wall setup jeep commander and it is on soundigital 8k and they love every bit of it. He is tuned 36hz
  20. Jay c is my hero!

    1. Jay-C76


      Thanks Infinite(513)

  21. Infinite913

    Hydrophobic Melamine Foam

    Love the new foam. Cant wait to use it!