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  1. 22 hours ago, boweasel said:



    This picture shows the cable I have to plug into my iPod port.  The connector on the right is what goes into my console.  The connector on the left is what plugs into an iPod.  There is nothing vaguely USB-ish about either end of the cable, nor is there anything on the head unit that could be mistaken for a USB port.  It's got an aux port that seems to useless for music, although once when I had a CD stuck in the player I connected an old Sony Walkman to that port with the other end plugged into the headphone jack on the Walkman.  The CD in the Walkman played fine in the car's audio system, but I don't see how that can help me play a USB stick. 

    When you say aux jack your referencing the 3.5mm? If so nvx makes an adapter that you can put in your cig lighter location and plug the 3.5mm from adapter to the car and bluetooth the signal to your radio. This is how i have bluetooth done in my van. As for strictly usb I would also recommend what fishmonger said.

  2. Aye y'all if any of you are on IG if you could help follow my Farm IG the tag is YMFarm.

    We are also on FB. 

    As of now we are starting off growing microgreens but as we continue to get income we will expand into a total of 5 greenhouses with different micro farms.(Aquaponics house, aeroponics house, Microgreen house, and two traditional style dirt greenhouses.) If any of y'all in the birch run michigan at anytime dinner is on me! 

  3. Im sure A-a-ron will chime in once he sees it. But i stopped by to say sorry man. That is rough. But such a sexy coil right. Lol. I had a customer cut into there spider(not sure what they were doing) and woofer was 2 weeks old. And so I was able to pull it apart and it had such a pretty coil.

  4. What you mean ported box and slot ported box? Are you referring to an aero? And both designs would work but from what little info is there doors open is your cabin extending the port. Which means your enclosure may not be designed properly. Do you have dims for enclosure and tuning? Also what sub is it and what kind of power? And lasty welcome to SSA the best audio forum on the webz!

  5. 17 minutes ago, ManzKea said:

    Lol. Sorry. Different  cultures I guess. So if there’s still snow in some parts, how does valentine work out? Is roses still available ?

    Ya in michigan we have indoor cultivation and im sure we import. We are coming in to our melting of snow time of year. But we typically get blastes once to three times more before its actually done. I have a friend that lives in hawaii. His father owns a few restaurants on the main. But I dig the work and the view man. Keep it up.