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  1. tijae

    Need some help with a box design,

    i have a winstar subs up port back take thired row seat out i run 2 15s and 2 saz 3500ds 153 plus on the meeter
  2. tijae


  3. i think you should do 2 sundown 12s zv3s and put some power on them and be happy
  4. tijae

    "Magic Box" V.2 For an 18"

    i need the buleprint for one of these boxes i have 2 15s nightshades
  5. tijae

    Attention SQ And SPL lovers Alike!!

    it would help if we knew what kind of truck you have try a slot port if you have room
  6. tijae

    broken nightshade ..

    is your motor forsale
  7. tijae

    Company Car

    it should be a ford winstar van its hard to get loud and it will take skill to do it dampening that if you dare
  8. tijae

    loudest $300 sub

    konaki subs
  9. tijae

    2-15inch NS v1

    i will give you 300 bucks fr your set of nightshades
  10. tijae

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    congrats steve i had my daughter a week ago as of friday
  11. tijae

    160.3db at 30hz behind C pillar -- SA-10s

    sup meade hows the site
  12. tijae

    2-15inch NS v1

    sell those 15s to me
  13. tijae

    Sundown Amplifier FAQ

    sup jake have a question how do stay warrenty you have had my amp fix before but i got no papers from db -r when i got it back i got mine from mike singer i talk to you all the time oh yeah dont forget i want my spot on the new team