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  1. eikenator

    Time for new speakers, help!

    I would look into powerbass speakers, the ones I've heard should keep up and stay crystal clear! RE also makes some of the best sounding speakers i've heard.
  2. eikenator

    Us amps 2000x?

    Oh sorry for arguing with people calling me and my bro idiots, that was so out of line on my part defending yourself is against forum rules of course!
  3. eikenator

    Sub woofer cone area chart

    Dang, well...squares are still useless...
  4. eikenator

    Us amps 2000x?

    Shouldn't be clipping, we would have heard that. One of the voice coils will burn up, always. Unless it's an ascendant, the Havoc 15 and Mayhem 15 those are the only ones that survived.
  5. eikenator

    Us amps 2000x?

    We know how to treat a sub, if we hear distortion or anything we turn it down and never to there again, the bass is on 0, we only turn the volume to a max of 25 out of 35 and never for a very long time, we aren't idiots. I forgot to mention it is modded for comps. So that may boost the power a little but it shouldn't be that drastic
  6. eikenator

    Us amps 2000x?

    What does this beastly amp truly put out? My bro has one and that thing blows subs like nobodys business, ones rated for 4000+ watts in the right box, not being turned up too much or anything. There is no way it's only 2000 watts! Help please!
  7. eikenator

    Sub woofer cone area chart

    One thing square subs are good for! It's easier to find the cone area! If I'm not mistaken...which I very easily could be but length by width should be easier
  8. eikenator

    DC Level 5 15"

    Try returning it, mistakes happen they probably just sent the wrong one
  9. eikenator

    Replacement components for the exploder!

    Go RE XXX 6.5s or Powerbass, heard both, they sound great!
  10. eikenator

    8" sub

    Nevermind stupid me didn't read good, you need not alot of mounting depth....the old REs were crazy good, best 8's you described in my opinion
  11. eikenator

    8" sub

    Looked into AA Assassin 8's or the soundsplinter 8's? Used to have four old RE 8's and the Assassin blew them out of the water!
  12. eikenator

    12 or 15 ? Need help

    Make sure to say how it works! I'm eager to see how the new btls are!
  13. eikenator

    US Amps USA-2000x ?????

    I would look into if that's a real 2000x my brother ha one and it's way bigger, and has more internals, yours could be newer I guess, if it is real, 700 is usually the price I see for one
  14. eikenator

    Post Your Home Audio Setups Here!

    Mine seems so inadequate compared to everyone elses, but I've spent maybe 60 bucks for it all, I'm good with money, I have: Coby 5.1 surround, 300watts+sub, a Quasar amp thing, puts out 375watts, a Jensen jsw12, two Aiwa tower speakers, each with two tweets and a 6.5, and last but not least, a Polk PSW10. All of it's hooked up together and it sounds good for being what it is.
  15. eikenator

    DC or AQ subs

    Why is every dissing on AQ? They are amazing for the price, at least SPL wise, haven't heard any on music just burps, I know a guy with all AQ, 8800 watts, two of AQs best 15s in a wall, he hit 155 consistently at every comp I saw him at. Earned my respect