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  1. hdorre

    no reply

    Yes.. With Nick gone, CS is lacking even more.
  2. hdorre

    New guy from CT

    What part of Connecticut are you in? I live in Brewster, NY.
  3. I have a Viper 5701. I love how it has 2 way. I have 2 piezo sirens and the motion sensor. It's soo nice. I just have to wire in the remote start.
  4. hdorre

    DC Audio moving some air!

    Stingers going out isnt uncommon. Ive heard a lot of people talking about Dakota Digital Voltage gauges. Theyre more expensive, but Ive read time and time again that theyre more reliable. Im most likely going to pick one up. I really want a T2.5kbdCp.. theyre just soo damn expensive lol
  5. hdorre

    DC Audio moving some air!

    Ooh yes, it certainly is progress! How bad is the drop?
  6. hdorre

    DC Audio moving some air!

    All that from a 5k and 2 12s? Very nice!
  7. hdorre

    is there an age limit to bass in your ride

    Psh, age is only a number
  8. hdorre

    Setting Gains by Ear.

    Scroll all the way down. http://damoreengineering.com/dd1.html Its a .rar file. I recommend the program "WinRar" to extract the file.
  9. hdorre

    How do I set up x10 probe on oscope?

    Yeah, Ive tried that too. I honesty think that the problem is the trimmer. Maybe buying a new probe will fix the problem? Thanks for the help.
  10. hdorre

    How do I set up x10 probe on oscope?

    I flipped the "x10" switch on the probe, and pressed the "x10" button on the scope. Yeah, Ive tried that many times. I actually just tried it again; just to double check. Y-Position doesnt seem to do the trick either.
  11. hdorre

    How do I set up x10 probe on oscope?

    No, but I emailed Velleman about it. If they dont give me the help I need, then ill update this thread. Thanks!