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  1. dgrubbs


    Just wondering if anyone has sent there sub in to get reconed? If so how long does it usually take to get it back
  2. i just got my 15" n2 btl fully loaded. I was wordering how long does it take to break it in? How many watts should i put on it until its broke in?
  3. dgrubbs

    Finally came in

    how long did it take to get them
  4. dgrubbs

    stuck on speakers

    so how does 2 12 bls sound over a 15 btl in the impala of course ported?
  5. dgrubbs

    stuck on speakers

    no im not to sure. never measured and i dont have the car right now but im pretty sure it can fit 2 15s or more. thats another reason y i was asking was the 1 btl or the 2 bls louder
  6. dgrubbs

    stuck on speakers

    I'm looking to buy some speakers but i'm a little stuck i'm looking at either one 15 BTL or 2 15 BL's. The thing is i really want to know which would be louder as far as bass and quality? What kind of setup should I use? I'm about to buy me a 2000- 2005 impala ls 3.8 v6 125amp alt. With the two Bls would i need to get a h.o. alt or would i be ok with just 1 optima yellow top in the trunk and a battery under the hood, of course the big 3 is going to be done but will 4 gauge wire be enough. also this is a daily system that i'm setting up I'm going to get 1 1500 watt brutus mono amp for now. a little help from everyone will be great thanks.
  7. dgrubbs

    15inch memphis mojo vs fi???

    So the lower the hertz the deeper and quicker response or how does the hertz work?
  8. dgrubbs

    15 btl help please

    Well I guess it's time to sell the vic for another toy then I may just have to get me a 90 something suburban.I'm going to just see how bad it rattles first if it's to bad i'm going to have to get the truck. I guess i'm doing pretty good typing now no complaints LOL
  9. dgrubbs

    15 btl help please

    I know and there is nothing worst then that i'm going to try to work with it tho there are a fewing trick i have learned with working on cars that will help with that. I hope I do the box right I have crappy systems.
  10. dgrubbs

    15 btl help please

    Man dude, I can say you have been a lot of help and thanks if I need anymore help I will make sure I find you on here and ask.
  11. dgrubbs

    15 btl help please

    I looked at the BLs but I figure why get that when i can just get the best and upgrade my amp when the time comes
  12. dgrubbs

    15 btl help please

    40" - 43" and the n2 btl
  13. dgrubbs

    15 btl help please

    Will the btl sound good with 1500 watts? Will i be able to use my stock electrical system? With that many watts do you still recommend a upgrade on my alternator and batteries? The reason why I am asking is because that's what I am going to start off with.
  14. dgrubbs

    15 btl help please

    40/13"? Can you repost that dimension please. I doubt your going to want to build your box inside the trunk. So what's your trunk opening dimensions 40/ 43” W x 27” L x 12” T
  15. dgrubbs

    15 btl help please

    Right now I have the money for one 15 btl and the amps. I'm not going to put in the car right away maybe a little later in the new year. My thing now is I keep getting different cars never small always something with a lot of trunk space like caprices crown vics and impalas. So I'm hoping to build a box that can go into each on my cars with still having the proper air space for the sub or subs. I'm thinking maybe just one 15 will do just fine for me.