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  1. pmureika

    Fi Woofer

    It is a ssd.
  2. pmureika

    Fi Woofer

    Just a test.
  3. pmureika

    12" SSA Icon Dodge Magnum Project

    Now that is a kool sub box!!!!!
  4. pmureika

    Happy Birthday W140

    Happy Birthday!
  5. pmureika

    Anybody running the new Mayhems?

    Modeling both subwoofers will tell more than guessing, but if you feel that way then it seems like you answered your own question. Rms rating doesn't tell you how loud a sub will be. It is a thermal rating. You need to model them both like jay-cee said.
  6. pmureika

    Happy Birthday Thumpper

    Have a good one!
  7. pmureika

    Much fresh, such green!

  8. pmureika

    Slipping Trans - 1998 'Neer

    Read this. Your right not till 2002. http://repairpal.com/problems-with-5-speed-automatic-transmission-are-common-331 Are you sure it's a 1998?
  9. pmureika

    Slipping Trans - 1998 'Neer

    No? I can hear it go 1-2-3-4-5 I can count...I think... For real, I would bet money I have a five speed. If I turn off O/D it'll operate as a four speed though. In fifth gear at 2k im doin about sixty Four gears plus the lockup torque converter. So it's not really a fifth gear. http://repairpal.com/problems-with-5-speed-automatic-transmission-are-common-331
  10. pmureika

    Samsung smart phones

    The only problem I have had with my samsung is it locks up once in awhile. Then to restart it I have to pull the battery out and reinstall it then start it back up.
  11. pmureika

    Samsung smart phones

    What is the best one to get for round 200 dollars? I have a samsung light right now thru Metro PCS.
  12. pmureika

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Good luck. My sunday night team had a huge win last night. Left knee is on fire again though. Wait till you reach you fifties and beyond. You never know what will be hurting when you get up in the morning.
  13. pmureika

    Samsung smart phones

    That's only if you are tied down to andriod. Windows phones are usually faster at the same pricepoint. I am tied to android software.
  14. pmureika

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    sucked ass in Boston this week, bites at my house....I still pick them as a supplierOh man! That blows. I am just super lucky I suppose. I am really shocked that they don't have Tonka at 100% coverage. I was down in Orlando and t-moble did just as well as verision.
  15. pmureika

    Samsung smart phones

    Thanks guys I appreciate your input.
  16. pmureika

    Samsung smart phones

    What carriers do they use?
  17. pmureika

    Samsung smart phones

    That all I ever have had. I don't like i phones. Plus I like they gave the google apps. pre installed. I am open for better suggestions.
  18. pmureika

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I got back from Orlando last week. Kind of funny to see everybody walking around with smart phones.
  19. jay-cee I hope you love that Icon like I did when I was running 2 15's.
  20. pmureika

    98 grandprix,SSA,Crescendo,build

    It sounded good on the single amp,just needs more power IMOCould be the effects of me dropping cone area on the same power Glade to hear you have them going! You need more then one bc2000d on a Icon? I meant a zcon, you had icon's.
  21. I figured it out. I did have to go through my headunit settings and turn on the internal amp. Thanks for the help! Glad you figured that out I had that happen once and took me a few minutes to realize it, Id upgrade to a different amp because it sounds like either some settings on the amp were wrong or your amp has some issues. post a pic of the side of the amp where all the settings are and we can see if something is amiss. I have those same speakers and they sound good on a U. S. Acoustics Barbara Ann amp 100 wrms per channel pushing them.