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  1. It's been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it.


  3. Well there goes our shutout.

  4. Natalia performing at the Magical Forest!

  5. Still the Go Fish Champion!!! Maybe next time Natalia. LOL She's getting good!

  6. Definitely no hold! Awful call!

  7. TP is running for his life lol, but handling it well.

  8. For all the Romo haters we wouldn't have been in the game without him so STFU!!!

  9. In other news I'm going to buy my Natalia some more clothes after the game.

  10. Jameis Winston is working Maryland.

  11. Gravity is amazing definitely worth the price!

  12. Beyond Two Souls=Amazing!!!

  13. Well the Browns had hope... And it's gone lol

    1. S.DeYoung


      umm, they won

    2. cloud77


      hoyer out for season..ugh..stuck with weeden.

  14. Shopping for clothes with Natalia.

    1. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      Grab an SSA t-shirt while you're at it. ;)

  15. Samuel L Jackson!!! AKA NICK FURY!!!

  16. man these bf4 servers are touchy

  17. Well looks like I'll be off for a little while...

  18. The Texas Rangers play tomorrow for a wildcard spot so all is not lost...yet

    1. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      Lucky, my O's fell apart at the end.

    2. stevemead08


      Rangers are not with it lately. Hopefully they pull it together for the wildcard game. Nelson Cruz will be back too. That should help.

    3. S.DeYoung
  19. Made it back safely.

  20. Looks like its going to be more of the same bullshit. Smh!

  21. Made it safely to Vegas.

  22. Happy Birthday cuz Detric Richardson.