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  1. Acurazine. Com
  2. Got the gasket,stickers are kool too......thnx Scott
  3. Kool thnx Scott
  4. I did already,yesterday afternoon(8/9)...I replied w/ info,thnx
  5. Sticky link....http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/i...?showtopic=7156
  6. Thnx,I emailed them about the gasket but no response ....thought I would try here
  7. I would like to get a replacement gasket for 12" SSD,is it possible?........Also whats a good size sealed enclosure for 12" SSD ?
  8. I luv it when the ppl jump as soon as u hit the b-knob.
  9. I running a pair of 12's IB right now behind the seats,15's don't really fit unless I get creative.Thnx for ur input Scott
  10. Just wondering & by looking at the specs the SSD 12" seems to be a good candidate for a IB setup in trunk vehicle.So what is FI's thoughts?
  11. ah,what a Kodak moment
  12. Yes,bad VC put it into retirement.
  13. I love mines ,even behind the seats they get loud & low.One day I will demo the IDQ's.
  14. Looking nice Nick but me no hava mawney
  15. yall must be bored,go test some subs or sumthin'