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  1. samuel6731

    *Pic inside* Ripped roof, help please

    Im with Tirefryr, looks almost or alot like a paint chip or crack, not so much a sheet metal crack.
  2. samuel6731

    plexi window help.

    window. the inside will be red and the outside will be linex (truck bed liner black) and its gonna have some led lighting on the inside.
  3. samuel6731

    plexi window help.

    ya thats not all bad of an idea, just more weight that i dont want to have. I might have to try that, i have not thought of doing that way
  4. samuel6731

    plexi window help.

    , pic of box ok so im building my new box, its going to house 2 15 inch Fi SSD's. Im putting a plexiglass window on the front and need some pointers on how to flush mount it. I have some ideas but dont really know what would be the best way. I will be using 3/4 inch MDF, and the window will be 3/4 inch think 12x24. Any pointers? thanks, in advanced
  5. samuel6731

    Need help choosing a subwoofer

    BTL for loudness, Dcon for SQ, dont get me wrong the Con will get loud and the btl doesnt sound all that bad... either way you should be happy with your setup
  6. samuel6731

    Will this box work well with Q 12?

    stefanhinote?... its up to fiveoh, you may starve the sub and lack output or u can spend the extra money get a bigger amp, its personal preference.. i just prefer extra power just so i don't have to run my amp wide open. anyway regardless of what you do amp wise it will sound good.
  7. samuel6731

    Amplifier Tuning

    wow, after looking at your link, i never wouldve thought that was the correcct way to tune an amp. i got some tweaking to do later
  8. samuel6731

    Led lightin help

    thanks for all the help guys, im going to look into yall's suggestions. I just dont if i want to tie up another 50-80 bucks in the mess.
  9. samuel6731

    Fast Five - Spoiler.. Do not view if you haven't seen it

    ya i went to the midnight premier as everyone was walking out the packed theater i waited and sat for it to clear out and that when it showed letty is alive
  10. samuel6731

    Help on deciding what box to go for

    not to thread jack but Alton... how did you get the Fi on your box. it looks sick i been wanting to do something similar like that to mine
  11. samuel6731

    2 12 ssd or 2 12 jl audo w6

    iv heard plenty good sounding Jl's and Fi's, they are both amazing drivers when it comes to SQ in sealed enclosure. just from the past experience of my W7 and how broken in it gets, and my friend with his w3's i just rather SSD that is all i meant by it. If i had to go anywhere beside fi it would be sundown then JL they do make amazing drivers i just find Fi has a bit more to offer when it comes to Loudness without the sacrifice of SQ. Iv stated my honest opinion about the matter he was asking. It may have been in favor of Fi and explain why, unlike others that just put Fi and have never owned or hear JL before. its an opinion, they got people out there who swear kicker makes the best and loudest sub woofers in the world and that's there mind set..... you cant argue with them its an opinion
  12. samuel6731

    Hello from los angeles

  13. samuel6731

    2 12 ssd or 2 12 jl audo w6

    What you've noticed is that the people you know don't know how to build a box for a JL. 100% operator/installer error, don't blame the subs for that. The w6 is a GREAT driver. Personally I'd much rather have them than the SSD's, but the OP's goals may (and most likely are) be different from mine. I say get 2 SSD's. I have a single SSD 12 and it sounds amazing and gets extremely loud. And JL is way to overpriced. In this case your argument is backwards. Overpriced should relate to cost of ownership. Buy the SSD's at $360 and sell in 3 years and compute your loss, then do that with 2 JL W6's for $385 and I guarantee financially the W6's will be cheaper to own. But again, these answers are STILL UNRELATED to the OP's goals which he hasn't shared yet. Perhaps the whole idea of a sealed enclosure is even wrong for him. Throwing up useless subjective opinions is not helping him come to the right conclusion, but for that we need more information. OP please give us some goal related info, car info, other equipment you have and so on. Then we can help you decide. ummm, why would i ever put my W7 in a box not correctly built and tuned for it? it sounded great, but my SSD 15 was louder and had just as much SQ. so no i didnt notice people not knowing how to build a box. i build for me and plenty of other people. He asked for an opion in this case Id had a w7 and SSD so i was comparing them both.
  14. samuel6731

    2 12 SSD subs

    id deff look into recone, they are really easy to do by yourself, also it would be a fresh start like having new speakers, thats the only reason id do it, if your worried about the hole, just leave it unless theres a sound diffrenece