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  1. ArrizX

    How do I get RCAs on my factory head unit?

    I thought line out converters were for low level. Can you reccomend one for high and then one for low? Thanks....
  2. I have a 2014 Ford F150 with sync and the 4.2 screen of which there are no options for aftermarket stuff anyways. I cant find a unit that will plug into the factory harness. I could do this and buy a headunit but I dont want too http://www.amazon.com/Metra-99-5830B-2013-Up-Factory-4-2-Inch/dp/B00FDW51C2 I was going to buy this untill I saw that is was only good untill 2012. And upon further reading there is nothing for the 2013 and 2014s http://www.pac-audio.com/productDetails.aspx?ProductId=548&Cate.. So now I am not sure what to do to get my pre amps. I found this but this is for a new stereo, not pre amps.... http://www.crutchfield.com/p_120AXAFD02/Axxess-AX-ADFD02-Interface-Harness.html I must be retarded or something. I could get one of those units that install on two speakers and will take the low signal from them but I also need signal for a front stage amp. Not sure what to do now?
  3. ArrizX

    8s vs 12s on prefab enclosure

    No reason not too. I had 10s in my last car with a crappy stereo. Hate doing the same thing again even though they are different 10s. I just havent had 10s for a while. I may have to though.
  4. ArrizX

    8s vs 12s on prefab enclosure

    Hmmmm something to consider too, thanks.
  5. ArrizX

    8s vs 12s on prefab enclosure

    I did overlook the SD because I was trying to stay away from specifically designed shallow subs. But this sub looks bad ass. A 12 appears to require 1 whole cubic foot. Would it be okay on .7 cubic feet because thats the net after the driver takes .1 cube.
  6. ArrizX

    8s vs 12s on prefab enclosure

    Oh, well I guess that takes care of that then. No I have not bought an amp yet.
  7. OK so here is the hopefully last thread on my truck. I am buying a prefab box. I know no one recommends a pre fab box but there is only one way to fit it under the rear seat in my 2014 F 150 super cab. Unless I decide to take more floor space for more air space its kind of a set design. Id rather not eat more floor space because the back does get used a little bit. Anyways http://www.soundoffaudio.com/2009-2014-ford-f-150-extended-cab/ http://www.supercrewsound.com/09F150ECUTSdual.html Are the two I am looking at. No matter what air space is .80 cube before sub. I was wondering if for the space, I could get a little better smaller subwoofers. Instead of getting low end larger subs that dont take as much if I went with smaller 8" subs. Though they cost more, there are much better quality subs that would work for me. Example I was planning on RE REX 10s, then I decided REX 12s but looking at it vs say a Sundown SA 8, the SA 8 is a much nicer sub that takes more power and will move more air (although have less cone area). I guess all I am asking is if I should get as big as sub as I can fit/afford/use for enclosure or if I should get the highest quality sub I can even if it means going smaller? Would anyone care to comment on size vs quality? I am not sure how to approach a box this small and this little volume? Last truck I had I took half the back seat and had an SA 15 in it in an extended cab pick up and it was awesome. Not looking for the same out put this time though. Just low end that sounds good.
  8. ArrizX

    Help finding a comp set

    Thanks for the dampening info. Ill do that. I think I can handle it from here. Im going to make another thread on subs I am having second thoughts and hopefully ill get that figured out and be buying all this crap soon!
  9. ArrizX

    Help finding a comp set

    Interesting. While that would be fun to learn and try I dont think thats going to be what I want right now. I appreciate the clarification though.
  10. ArrizX

    Help finding a comp set

    So, is buying a midrange speaker, a tweeter and a separate cross over some how different than a component set? Or does it just give you more control over brand stuff? Isnt a comp set just a mid range woofer and a tweeter and a cross over? Although just from one brand?
  11. ArrizX

    Help finding a comp set

    Oh okay, well kick ass.
  12. ArrizX

    Help finding a comp set

    Interesting. Have not quite looked at it like that. What does your set up consist of then?
  13. ArrizX

    Help finding a comp set

    Interesting. Ive never been advised to deaden my door. I guess I dont know too many - or any- audio professionals and usually do my own installs. Could I get a reccomendation for deadener and a comp set? At least pointed in the right direction for speakers? I still feel like I am poking in the dark I have pretty limited experiece with component sets
  14. ArrizX

    Help finding a comp set

    cobra, I have no idea it was just from reading about a guy in the same truck bought an infinity set that were sized to 2 3/8 and he needed a 1/4" spacer to clear. I beleive it was glass but I am not sure. lithium, I have never deaded a door, or felt the need too. I didnt realize it was so important? Thats something that can be done down the road, right?
  15. ArrizX

    Help finding a comp set

    Local shops only carry common stuff like Alpine, Rockford, Infinity etc. "Big brands" so no not really. Like I said Ideally I want something like the image dynamics cause they are amazing in my opinion but they are too deep and I dont think I can space them out far enough with out needing to cut a hole in the door panel. So I want something very very similar just 1/2 to 3/4 inch shallower. Typical ford mounting location in the lower forward corner of each door panel. Tweeter is in the A pillar. Amp is open to opinions because I havent bought it yet but I was thinking the Rockford Fosgate P300x2. Did not plan to do anything extra too the doors. Door panels screw on instead of using plastic snap clips so there should be no rattling. Edit- door is actually made for a 6x8 speaker I was just going to adapt it to a 6.5 round. But that will open up more options if anyone wanted to suggest something in that size.