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  1. woodguy

    AX3000de price

    This amp is listed in the for sale section of this site. Asking $1500.00 but will negotiate if interested. I need to move this amp out soon.
  2. woodguy

    Subs in an avalanche?

    I was thinking about the same thing. I just hate cutting into the truck.
  3. woodguy

    J_Black10 from SMD!!

    welcome. You came to the most informative forum ive seen in a while.
  4. woodguy

    back from long ago!

    Welcome back.
  5. Does anyone know of any way to install subs into a chevy avalanche and still have the midgate useable? I use the thing like a truck but still want to get at least a 12 into it. I also have 3 kids so losing a seat is not an option. Help.
  6. Thanks I still build boxes for a shop in my area from time to time but could use more frequent work like that.
  7. woodguy

    been lurking for a while

  8. woodguy

    finally a post

    Welcome. I have also been a member for a while but only read the posts. rarely responded.
  9. woodguy

    help on buying new subs

    The DD is the woofer I would use. I always did well with their 9500 series. I even have an old school 9515 a/b series woofer here for sale. Its been around for a while and still works great.
  10. woodguy

    60inch MTX subwoofer

    That is why I love car audio. Stuff like that brings a tear to my eye. Wish it was mine.
  11. woodguy

    Subwoofer suggestions

    Cant go wrong with a digital designs woofer. 12 or 15.
  12. woodguy

    If I wall it off...

    Oh it will get loud if done right with enough power and the proper tuning.
  13. woodguy

    which of these 2 boxes for (4) lvl 4 15s

    my vote is for ooption b. Most songs dont have bass that low. At least I dont think they do.
  14. woodguy

    Wood Glue Showdown

    Being a woodworker I can attest to the abilities of the titebond products. I hate gorilla glue just because of what happens when you get it on your skin. It is very difficult to get off. I think the probond is just as good as titebond. The probond I got was a bit thicker.
  15. woodguy

    Hoffman's Iron Law

    Good Info. A must read.