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  1. Sexual_Chocolate89

    Any news on the MD3 Yet?

    Ive only heard about US amps i dont now how much any of dem cost so r they expensive, i really want to now the $
  2. Sexual_Chocolate89

    first victom

    Dam u could push that speaker well beyond it recommended rms limt & not have to worry about it poopin out on u
  3. Sexual_Chocolate89

    first victom

    Let me get this straight u guys had 3000rms goin into a SI Mag before it went, or am i retarded
  4. Sexual_Chocolate89

    More vid's of the mags!

    Damn boy dem thangs is movin
  5. Sexual_Chocolate89

    SI Mag enclosure info!!!!!! (asap)

    Hope ur talkin bout my car. I dont even know if i should get 2 12s because sounds these speakers will rattle ur doors off, naw i'll think i'll still get 2.
  6. Sexual_Chocolate89

    SI Mag enclosure info!!!!!! (asap)

    Was ur enclosure ported.
  7. Sexual_Chocolate89

    SI Mag enclosure info!!!!!! (asap)

    Ill measure the trunk out and ill see what i can do about the pix.
  8. Sexual_Chocolate89

    SI Mag enclosure info!!!!!! (asap)

    Alright maybe i should have thought this the post out before asking for help because i dont know what cubes are and driver displacement you mentioned lost my to. Im new to car audio and i was going to go with a pre fab box but was told not too. I even went to Realm of Excursion to see if i could better understand how to build a box, like that helped. All this box crap is F*CKING confusing, i dont even know what tunning freq i should use or what a tunning freq is. O & i forgot to mention all the lil components that'll be in the trunk like the battery, capacitors, etc.
  9. Sexual_Chocolate89

    SI Mag enclosure info!!!!!! (asap)

    To tell you the truth i dont mind giving up all my trunk space cuz its not like ill be grocery shopping. lol
  10. Sexual_Chocolate89

    SI Mag enclosure info!!!!!! (asap)

    I decided to go with 2 12" SI Mag but i have limited trunk space because i have a Civic. Does anyone think i could 2 mags in a ported box hittin to their full potetial, the box will be tuned to 32 Hz if that helps, in my Civic. Ive never built a box and im pretty new to car audio but i know someone who's gonna help me build the box.
  11. Sexual_Chocolate89

    JL w7 12" vs SI D2 12"

    Funny you say that cuz i play guitar and i dont like solid state amps much, im a tube head. So are u sayin my ear would perfer a W7 over a SI Mag? A mag is what im planin on gettin