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    Fi X-series 10

    You mean same setting on both amps? I mean I have good vision lol. But seriously it can't be much of an hassle. Only thing that's bothering me on that is I don't wanna waste that kind of money on two of those amps and not be able to use their "almost full" power. If that makes any sense.
  2. mariobjones

    Fi X-series 10

    I thinking on either that or either 4 fi x series 10s with 2 of those amps. Which would you prefer? Running 2 subs per amp @ 2ohms each amp
  3. mariobjones

    Fi X-series 10

    budget isnt a problem. but i read those speakers are rated 300 watts rms!!
  4. mariobjones

    Fi X-series 10

    most likely 1.3ohm load if thats possible.
  5. mariobjones

    SSA Icon 15s