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    First competition

    I know thanks bro.
  2. mariobjones

    First competition

    Thanks, and their in 3.2cuft each sealed! And the amp was giving each sub like 300-400 watts a piece. I know the subs can take more power, I'm looking to sell tem though to keep them in top form.
  3. mariobjones

    First competition

    I'm sorry you guys, but I hit a 135.9 I competed against this guy with 2 kicker CVx subs. Everyone said I did good for my first competition. I'm uploading videos and pics now. It was a very fun event. Heard some REALLY Loud cars. One guy hit over 170!! But yeah I did get a first place trophy, but not really happy about it. Also I didn't have any extra batteries or alts hooked up.
  4. Selling SSA Icons 15s for $375 Shipped

  5. mariobjones

    Daily Driver Lumina

    Nice build man!!
  6. mariobjones

    Twisted's New BIG Amp

    That's a beautiful gut pic. What amp is it?
  7. mariobjones

    A Suburban A Warhorse and a pair of Double Dees

    This going to bean insane build.
  8. If you can simply understand your electrical system, and how many actual additional amps you have for your system from your stock alt, you'd be in good shape. Multiple batteries will work, but not forever. Your alternator will eventually die because of how much voltage your amps draw. So I would build around a solid amp, check all the specs, see what's the lowest ohm load it can be ran at, and buy subs around that. With the more popular LOUD and Recognized brands like Fi, Sundown, DC, SSA, acsendant, incriminator audio, etc.. You'll usually see their subs ran at dual 1 or 2 ohms. And good bat ties I'm familar with are kinetiks and xs power batteries. It's alot deeper than that, but you'll just have to read, and study up on the craft.
  9. Acsendant audio mids, crescendo components, or the bravox mids. Theirs a bunch of others, but those come to my mind when looking at upgrades. You can YouTube them all.
  10. You'd be fine, but in future it wouldn't be a bad idea to upgrade alt. Look into the xs power or kinetik lower lines.
  11. It would almost be a waste to get a big powerful amp because for one, your not gonna get the rated power, and two your gonna wind up killing your battery. I think everyone would agree with getting a second battery. It can be as little as a kinetik hc600, but that will hold your system. But be wise with your amp choice. As stefanhinote stated you will also have roughly 20 amps to run your entire audio setup.
  12. First off how are you planning on running the subs? None of the amps you listed run under 2 ohm, which limits what you can do with your setup. And I agree with smashedz28 you will need ALOT of power to even see have of the rated power!! If I were you, I'd look into a sundown amp for those prices or a crescendo amp. These two amps that I stated pick up more frequencies than those you stated also.
  13. mariobjones

    stefanhinote's volvo v40 build

    Nice build dude. And what you doing with your mids and high stage? Xcons gonna hurt some innocent people lol
  14. mariobjones

    Kevin S

    i just read about this situation, and man I have too say. I don't think anyone should do business with this guy. thats terrible, if i had a company i was trying to promote, I'd show good customer service to public first chance I got.
  15. mariobjones

    Need some help!!

    Do you have a vid of your setup?? I want to see those 8" woofers in action. And you have the super tweeter with those. That's a nice idea. Not a nice idea. The B&C he linked is a great driver, but I'd at least match it with a tweeter that was listenable. Super tweeters and cars never really make sense. If you need more output step up to a horn. ok you guys. I ordered 1 set of crescendo components. And may buy watts09 AA mids if he still has them Monday. will try both, and if my HD cam is in, in time, i'll do two video's of their performance. THANK YOU ALL!!! You all have helped me out ALOT! I took my rear speakers out already, and will take front stage out when I get crescendos. Will keep you ALL updated. Thanks again to you ALL.
  16. mariobjones

    Need help!

    that Warden looks pretty sick!!
  17. mariobjones

    SSA Member Survey

    1. How old are you?20 2. When did you get into car audio?About 2 years old 3. How did you first get into car audio?with subwoofers 4. Whats your favorite color?RED 5. Male or female?Male 6. Your first Car?2002 Grand Prix 8. How did you find out about this site?Word of Mouth 9. What was your first system?3 Kicker Comp 12s, and a Boss Amp 11. Were do you live?Houston, Texas 12. Whats you favorite car audio brand?SSA FOR LIFE 15. Who is our hero in the car audio industry?Aaron Clinton of SSA 16. Whats your dream system?2 18" Sealed ZCons off a SUNDOWN 3500d in my GRand Prix 17. Whats your dream car?MayBach 18. Whats the fastest car you have driven/ridden in? Lamborghini Gallardo 19. Were do you buy most of your car audio products?Online 20. What is your job?UPS 21. Whats your favorite saying?Loud And Bangin 24. Whats your favorite brand of cars?Audi (if they had big trunks) 25. What do you like better, cars, vans, trucks, or suv's?Cars 29. Whats is the most recent thing you have purchased?Crescendo Audio Components 31. Who do you think is the most knowledgeable person on SSA?Aaron Clinton(denim) 32. What is your personal best on the TL? and with what equipment?None Yet 33. SQ or SPL? why? SQ
  18. mariobjones

    Sundown 1500

    is the sundown 1500 .5 ohm stable?? for daily use? Using it for 2 15" SSA Icons
  19. mariobjones

    Zcon No Longer A ProtoType!!!!!!!!&#33

    Man those are zoo sick!!!! I may be delivering a few of these maybe to my house. I work at UPS.
  20. mariobjones

    Need some help!!

    What about this one? http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=294-650
  21. mariobjones

    Need some help!!

    Do you have a vid of your setup?? I want to see those 8" woofers in action. And you have the super tweeter with those. That's a nice idea.
  22. mariobjones

    Need some help!!

    I do have a 4 door sedan if that matters. It isn't the coupe. I'm going to try the crescendos. I'm ordering 4 sets of the components. Putting two in each front door, with 2 pairs in each back door. Since the cadence will be more expensive if I get 4 sets. Any thoughts? Opinions? Is this the correct choice. Will be upgrading icons to xcons in very near future, or may even be zcons. Batteries on the way and upgrading amp to a sundown 1500 or 2000
  23. Working on next setup for mids and tweeters.

    1. emh9009


      AA carbon fiber 7", check them out in my FS thread.

    2. ssh


      AA carbons are nice. Probably what I'll use when I redo my front stage...

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    Need some help!!

    I will have to look into these. I have always had a difficult time with mids and highs. Thanks for your input, and thanks the Icons are rocking n 3.2cbft each!!
  25. mariobjones

    Need some help!!

    Didn't say mix brands, just mixing components. But I don't think I will do any mixing. Thanks for your input. My budget is about 500 for all speakers.