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  1. Not the amp's fault bro. If the gain wasn't set right on any amp, it will clip and signal would be dirty.

    It looks bad though. Your tinsel looks to be torn not burnt. But then there are burns around the area.

    I don't know but it may be spiders being burnt from tinsel heat in turn leads to the torn tinsels.

    yeah it looks as if theirs more than 1 thing that went bad on the sub, and tinsel does look ripped apart.

  2. i must've missed it somewhere... were there any released photos of the component set without the guard/grill??? I would never use them so was wondering how they would look without them... Will I have to buy to know???lol


    I think their on the pics bro. I don't think they'll have the mesh covers.

  3. So, most of the parts are in. There's some fabricating that still needs to be figured out, but what the heck. Let's get the show started. Here is a pic of the ride:

    2004 Suburban Work Truck Edition. It's white and has a rubber mat instead of carpeting on the floor. The interior, vinyl. 5.3 V8 and it's 4WD.


    The main source is a Alpine IVA-NAV-1 with a pair of Concept headrest monitors for the rear passengers. No pics yet :(

    Here is the front stage:




    Precision Power 355cs components in q-logic kicks, but wait there's more. o_o Can you guess what these are?


    One more pic.


    Are those precision comps pretty good??

    I saw some on amazon for a pretty decent price.


  4. you will need a custom box built to specs for these subs bro. In a decent size box, the cvx will get louder than these all if their in a crappy box. Its all about design of box, and what your looking for out of the set-up. But I think everyone here would agree that one Sundown Nightshade can get louder than the two other drivers you listed. Just remember, this is a hobby, and their no reason to rush if your funds aren't good right now (personal experience).